Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

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This lot describe my personality quite well


Four INTJ Women for Every 500 Women


  1. INTJ women respond differently to being told they are INTJ than men do
  2. Less than 1% of females fall into the INTJ classification.
  3. When dating an INTJ female, it's best to give her space and treat her professionally in the beginning of the courtship. INTJ relationships tend to more professional than those of others.
  4. INTJ women are very private, and they don't share as much with other women.
  5. Female INTJs will disobey authority if the think authority wrong. They are not supportive of others.
  6. Female INTJs are both logical and objective, and they put logic above nurturing and their feelings.
  7. Female INTJs tend to be gifted and/or highly competent.
  8. Female INTJs are more rare than any other group.
  9. For every five hundred women, only four have an INTJ profile. Natural leaders and highly competent they may be, but they are often misunderstood.




In 1984 (as is today in 2020) in fake decent Christian Australian society, any female were, (still are) deemed as being "allowed" to exist to "service" the sexual or domestic needs of Australian males. Proved not only by inappropriately or inefficiently enforced legislation but by unequal pay, unequal numbers of women in paid workforce, in parliament, in positions of authority; and why there’s still words in the English language to “label” women as a slut, a whore, a gang-banger, a moll, or easy, no proof required just the “word” of any number of people; and why there is no thus specific separate word for a male in the same alleged circumstance. All an Australian need do to discredit a woman is cry wolf and he’s automatically believed, especially if he’s a cop. Cemented as ‘cold hard fact’ by the fact I STILL can't get this issue publicly resolved in the press or privately in a State court of law and government public officers are enabled by State and Federal police in falsifying State government records to falsely claim I’m DELUSIONAL after I proved I’d been surgically mutilated (surgically raped) in 1990s; and I still can’t get medical services to have illegal “microwave active” communication items removed from my person; and police still refuse to take my fuking statement on any fuking State or Federal crime that’s been committed to my person or my reputation which isn't considered as being worth anything at all by Australian police. I'm not sure if that's because I'm a woman or because I tried to report Freemason police child sex crimes 1982 and 1988.

In my personal experience and on government evidence, only women who agree to (criminally defame) falsely discredit 'other' women are given significant financial security; I refer to judge Katrina Bochner, GP Alison Barbara Jane Cole, psychiatrist Georgina Ai Chin Cheng, GP Celia Tildesley, psychiatrist Helen Tingay, and a cast of hundreds of medical doctors or public officers in Australia and its only happened AFTER I tried to give a statement to Freemason police about Freemason child sex crimes that I'd personally witnessed.


That's the effect, this is the cause:


When I was 25 yrs in June 1981, I’d permanently separated from my best friend and husband William Robert Peters (1953-2008) We had married in 1975 in Geelong Victoria, Australia.
September 1981 school holidays I started working in the Visyboard office in Schrivener Street, Warwick Farm NSW as data entry operator of sales quantities of corrugated outer packaging for scheduling of the factory machines. 
1981-1982 school holidays partially witnessed my Freemason male parent engaging in child sex crime, reported incident to Nowra NSW police who refused to take my statement because the sex crime perpetrator was a fellow Freemason with those Nowra police. Despite that some years later the child also reported the crime to greater Sydney Freemason police they also refused to investigate after taking the statement.
Sometime between 1981 and 1989 government officials stole my photo of my face when aged 28 yrs and published it as NSW police official identification of Fathers Day 1984 child and "bikie bastards" murder victim, Leanne Walters.


By 1984 I’d never walked inside the factory during the entire time I worked there, however I had walked into the despatch area looking for the person I knew as Leanne Walters. The factory despatch worker with strawberry blonde hair and freckles. 

Another "NSW Police Stolen" Photo

(2 of 3 known in 2020)


The photos of her were stolen from my residence in 2001 when I lived in a Denison Street Broadmeadow rental in Newcastle after I informed Newcastle police of my address and said I had evidence of the Leanne Walters I knew at Visyboard and that she was most certainly alive, after Fathers’ Day 1984.

In 1984 (NSW Warwick Farm) Liverpool working Leanne Walters drove a small green car with “LS and 3 digits” personalised NSW,

white on black number plates. At Visyboard she claimed to be 3 separate people Leanne Walters and Joanne Sloman and Lorraine “S”. So, I’ll just refer to her as Leanne. Leanne is around my age and Jennifer Maree Sheehan is 8 years younger.
Jennifer Sheehan said her mother Maureen worked at Visy in the factory. According to Jennifer her mother put a lot of money into the poker machines. Jennifer worked in the office with Art department manager Joe Frendo their desk was about 30 feet from mine, so in the 4 years I was at Visyboard I knew many things about both of them including that Jennifer had a boyfriend she called Louis who rode a motorcycle he worked at Ingleburn Timber Yard and they lived together in a rental near Ingleburn railway station where their dog died of the parvovirus. Jennifer Sheehan stated that she and Jennifer Sloman and Darren Nellies had all grown up near each other the Cartwright housing commission area and their parents close were friends. Jennifer told me she had an aunt a few years older named Rose who looked enough like Jennifer Sheehan to be her sister.
Jennifer Sloman and her mother Elaine Sloman both worked at Visyboard Warwick Farm office. According to Jennifer Sheehan Elaine’s husband was a violent towards Elaine and a NSW policeman. Elaine worked for general manager Tony Featherstone who was one of the genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met. Jennifer was around my age, she lived with Peter Curtis who claimed to be an external sales representative for Visyboard, but I suspected he was a cop as he always acted with excessively guarded self-control. You might call it ‘secrecy’. On the one occasion I got a lift from Liverpool to Visyboard with Jenny and Peter when my car was being repaired, I noted Peter drove poorly as he read his newspaper in morning peak hour traffic regularly wandering across into the adjoining lane as he read his paper clearly not bothered if he hit someone, like a NSW cop in 1980s would have been. I suspect these days he’d be using his mobile phone as he drove. Jennifer told me she was marrying Peter Curtis in December 1985 at the St Peters church in Campbelltown NSW, which was the same church all my siblings had married in. I went to look at them coming out of the church and snapped some photos. A man in a brown suit, presumably Mr Sloman, approached me, ordered me to stop snapping photos and threatened me with a gun under his jacket I had married in Geelong Victoria 10 years earlier in 1975. 
Darren Nellies and his mother Zeila Nellies also worked at Visyboard Warwick Farm office, Zeilla worked with personnel manager Joe Zarb and were in a sexual relationship during office hours. I’d sprung them a couple of times resulting in Zeilla insisting I phone her before I venture downstairs to their office. Darren told me he was marrying Jennifer Sloman’s sister Lynette Sloman, at a church in Liverpool NSW, I think that was after the December 1985 wedding.
When I started working at Visyboard I was still living at the rental I’d shared with my husband at 5 Martins Way, Claymore. By Christmas I’d signed a lease on a rental at 282 St Johns Road Bradbury and stayed there for about 2 yrs. Still working at Visy I took on a second job as waitress at a Bradbury Shopping Centre restaurant. He often dropped food on the ground in the cool room accidently and picked it up again to cook in his restaurant. Yes, I reported him to health authority.
Leanne invited me to a ‘pottery party plan’ afternoon at her alleged residence near in Wanderra Crescent in Bradbury. Leanne had thought I was still living in St Johns Road, however I’d recently moved to 5 Palm Court in Woodbine on the other side of Campbelltown so it was about 1983 or early 1984. Leanne informed me other from Visyboard were going which was a lie. The ‘others’ said they were going when I asked them, so it was a planned set up. When I got there Leanne and Jennifer’s alleged Aunt, Rose were already there with a man dressed as a Mediterranean grandmother who didn’t speak. I trioed to leave but the 3 wouldn’t let me. A man arrived on a motorcycle and entered the house via the back door, it appears this was his house and he didn’t know who the other 3 were, naturally didn’t know me. The man dressed as a Mediterranean grandmother snuck behind him in the kitchen and hit him over the head with what sounded like a saucepan. He also hit me over the head with a saucepan, twice before I was knocked unconscious. I went to Campbelltown NSW police station to report the crime but when the man at the counter turned around, I realised he was the one who hit me over the head. He also recognised me an laughed at my realisation horror. I’m guessing he was Mr Sloman as he also looked like the man in the brown suit at the later December 1985 Jennifer Sloman wedding. 
I’d been brainwashed by Freemasons at many points through my life in their attempts to make me forget what I’d seen (and probably all other non-cooperative family members) was brainwashed to forget the Wanderra Crescent incident, but their brainwashing was always temporary on me but I never let them know that. In retrospect after seeing the Brothers In Arms book in 2001, I suspect the Wanderra resident was Caesar Campbell. various times I was the regular ‘lift’ for Visy employees Frances Selway, Jennifer Sheehan, Jennifer Sloman, and Leanne. After the brainwashing and after I’d been hit on the head Leanne asked me for a lift home, so I drove her to the Wanderra residence intending to leave her stranded. However Karma had the man they also hit over the head home and he was in the front yard with his garden hose on. Frances Selway was still in the car, it appeared she knew what Leanne had done to me as she told Leanne words to the effect, “It serves you right” as I ordered Leanne out of my yellow TE Gemini. The male Wanderra Crescent resident recognised me through the open front passenger window and yelled a thank you to me as chased Leanne with the hose as I drove away.

I only lived at the Woodbine rental for the one 6 month lease period as the arrogant immigrant caretaker had intentionally broken my garden furniture in my back yard by throwing it in a pile at the house so he could cut the grass. s from there and in 1984 I moved to 20 Wilkinson Street in Elderslie, a north suburb of Camden NSW until I moved into my Torrens Title residence in The Oaks NSW. When I was in Elderslie I was I was also working at Visyboard office in the evening backing up their mainframe computer system for all their locations onto reel to reel tapes. When certain male employees at Visy became aware I was working there alone at night they were ‘given’ a key to the office decided to be sexually threatening while I was working, so I had to stop doing that job.
At end of financial year in 1984 Visyboard Warwick Farm had a “Factory Inspection Day” they used of Australia’s Commonwealth Games mascot a cartoon Koala.

My male parent asked to attend the “Factory Inspection Day” at my place of employment. This was unusual as he had never at any time in my 28 yrs of life indicated an interest in anything I did. Which didn't faze me as I'm an introvert, I prefer to be alone, which includes a significant preference for my personal privacy at a higher standard than most other people who love to have lots of friends to share their life with and includes being virtually forced by terrorist public officers to spill my innards about my personal life in this website, because they're career criminals. After my defacto Owen Hall betrayed me with my male parent's Freemason deception, I'm cured, I don’t need or want friends to share my life with.


Being an introvert does NOT mean you’re socially retarded or scared of people, it means you’re not interested in other people, you don’t care about all their dramas, you want to mind your own business and expect them to do the same. It doesn’t mean you don’t like people you just want them to keep their distance and for me it means you don’t want anyone to touch you in any way whatsoever, without your (my) express consent. No hugging, no hand touching, nothing. Having said that I made sure my children were properly nurtured and loved because I loved them properly. Despite the maliciously falsified claims of a year 2000 Parramatta NSW Family Court (Freemason) child psychiatrist, I wasn’t overbearing to any of my children I couldn't I’m an introvert, I’m well aware of not crossing boundaries, it’s not in my DNA to be obsessive. In knowing I'm the rarest most logical female personality type, an INTJ, you may start to realise just how disadvantaged I've been by being held back and denied my right to a gainful career due to the terrorist government's false rumours about me being Rex fuking lowlife Walters'  Leanne.

At the 1984 Visyboard Warwick Farm event male parent ‘greeted’ the male driver of a novelty train labelled “Peardon” as “Brother” which is the Freemason greeting. They spoke secretly momentarily after which the male driver literally snarled at me.

The evidence strongly suggests that Freemason police and my Freemason male parent planned to have me murdered on Fathers’ Day 1984 in the vicinity of the Viking Tavern swap meet in Beaconsfield near Milperra NSW.
In about August 1984 Leanne and Jennifer Sheehan were trying to convince me to attend the swap meet at the Viking Tavern. As a mother of 3 children who’d separated from her alcoholic husband, I wasn’t interested in meeting another alcoholic at a pub. However, to stop them pestering me a agreed to go fulling intending not to. Concurrently, my male parent informed me he “didn’t want me to visit him of Fathers’ Day 1984” as I suspected he was up to something I didn’t pay any attention to him either.

Fathers’ Day 1984 I did some housework as the time arrived for the swap meet to start I felt I was in danger, so I got into my yellow TE Gemini and started driving to my parents residence south of Nowra not knowing whether I’d actually go there. I was ‘playing it by feel’. In 1984 radio reception in the Kangaroo Valley was very poor and patchy.

As I approached the valley I heard news reports about the shooting at the Viking Tavern but only heard bits before the reception cut out. When I got to the pub near the valley’s one lane historic bridge, I saw a handful of rough and ready bikers seated at an outside pub table, they were all visible in great distress wiping their eyes or holding their head as if crying. I felt their distress, I’m an empath, which means I know when someone is fake crying Rex John Walters. It wasn’t until after I cleared the valley near Nowra that I head people had been killed in the shootings but still didn’t realise it was the same place that Jennifer and Leanne wanted me to go. I thought they were referring to a pub at a different location, so even if I did go I wouldn’t have gotten there as I had the wrong place in mind. I hadn’t frequented pubs since before I was married in 1975.

When I got to my male parent’s residence, he was sitting in the loungeroom watching the news events of the shootings on TV, which was unusual for him as he was usually outside pottering around. I’d never seen him watching daytime TV before. Someone in the room said to me, “we thought you were dead.” Naturally and as usual I played the stupid card, which is what kept me out of danger more often than not. I changed the conversation topic.

Late that evening back at my residence a group of people came to my door yelling out my name. I didn't answer as I didn't recognise anyone and anyway there was no way I was going to open my door to a crowd.

The next day, Monday morning it was a rainy or overcast day. When I got into Visy everyone was sullen. Barry Quon, the office idiot was usually joking around the first thing he said to me was “we thought you were dead” I asked “why?” then he said “the factory isn’t working, everyone from the factory is either dead or in prison.” 

Later that day Zeilla Nellies gave a message to me via her son Darren, she wanted me to "update" my residential address in Visyboard records. I figured it was not her business what my residential address was and told her so.

Some days or weeks later Camden NSW uniformed police came to my door at 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie NSW with an arrest warrant due to an unpaid fine after Washington Batalla's car rammed my rear back in April 1982. My 3 sons were squashed around me curious to see who was at the door. Both police males were smiling at my (so cute) 3 little boys. When they looked up at my face, they reacted as if they were stunned even taking a step back. One said, "You're dead" I responded with words to this effect, "clearly I'm not". They told me to come into the police station to pay the fine after my next payday, which I did.


Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson wrote about themselves as being a Liverpool NSW Rebels bikie moll (being fake Bandido or Comanchero murder victim Leanne Walters) They wrote as if they were speaking from the "police" point of view. I didn't know about Rebels or any other club, but the news always carried stories about trouble at the big Rebels Club near but not that near to Liverpool. I grew up in nearby Campbelltown from 1962 so I do know quite a lot about the area in this time even knew a few Rebels who were sweet on me who I knew from 1969-1972 (NSW) Campbelltown High School. They were OK but no it wasn't and isn't my scene. There were some cop sons and daughters at my high school, they were the proper arseholes, chances are they grew up to be even bigger arseholes and cops. As some of them kidnapped and raped me as 15-year-old with the blessing of the local Campbelltown cops (it’s her word against theirs) it’s more likely than not they’d be the biggest false rumour spreaders ever since - and what do you know, their big sister’s name was Sandy Harvey and they lived on corner of Lindsay Street. I haven't forgotten you Rhonda Wark. So, for anyone who wants to spin the SIMPSON washing machine yarn claiming I'm not too bright, I got top marks in my Defamation Law assignment in my currently (on off) studying law degree. Just saying. However, feel free to say my spelling and grammar sucks. I was literally born half blind 'tis why. Which is why I didn't recognise some people without my glasses.

At high school I was a perfect student, had maybe 2 days off in 4 years and was very co-operative, respectful, well mannered and studious. Despite everything I'm still the same. Most people don't change from high school isn't that right Wayne Harvey and Steven Harvey?

Julian Assange and Mr-Ms Manning did what they knew was illegal for the right reasons. I’ve only ever done what was legal, defend myself from violence, and report Freemason child sex crimes to police who ignored the crime because it was a Freemason crime. I’m guessing I haven’t any support in the community because I was “born” a woman. Women usually only get community support after we’ve been violently murdered.  That tells you “exactly” what the majority of Australians are. The minority are too scared to speak up for fear of becoming a target of our psychopathic government public officers aggression. That’s terrorism.

When the father of my youngest children dragged me through the family court after I told him I knew he'd been drugging me and had me raped on video that'd been passed around the NSW government police department and elsewhere, the Parramatta child psychiatrist diagnosed "me" as being "abusive" to my ex because I left him and I was “over” protective of my children by wanting Owen to only have supervised visits. Obviously they were disappointed Owen hadn't had the opportunity to kill me yet. The Freemason judge Lloyd Dengate Stacey Waddy reasoned that just because Owen drugged and raped and videotaped me against my wishes and without my knowledge Owen “probably” wouldn't do the same to his children. In August 2000 Freemason Brother Waddy also decided without any evidence whatsoever, that my Freemason male parent hadn't raped me at the age of 2 years 10 months back in 1959, way beyond his jurisdiction. WADDY didn't refer Owen to police but he referred me to police because I'd had the "alias" of FRANCIS on my birth certificate and another "alias" of PETERS after I married William Peters in 1975. Yes that's blatant gender discrimination in the Federal Family Law Court. Freemason told me I was a "prostitute" because I was taking money for sex from my live-in partner Owen Hall and had done the same when I was married to Mr Peters. Freemasons are why I never show any emotion in public,I'm pretty sure they get a hard-on when they know they've distressed their female victim of the day. Freemasons are why I've chosen not to have any friends or a partner after I left Owen Hall in 1996, aged 40.

I was raped in Sep 1971 because I thumped Rhonda Wark (the daughter of a cop) in the arm after months of her punching me in the stomach as she walked past me. She started that because I refused to be her “friend”. As my Freemason male parent visited the Grand Lodge in March 1971 and I was not backward in telling him he was a coward for punching my mum and other matters related to his predisposition to minor crime, my guess is that Rhonda’s Freemason daddy “told” her to be my friend for some reward expecting me to be just like every teenager known to be malleable and easy influenced. When I refused to go along with the “plan” in Rhonda’s mind and retaliated her violence, she arranged my rape in September 1971. The Harvey’s and their friends followed suit in 1973 after years of Rhonda’s false rumours claiming I’d done something to her and I was a “gang banger” - naturally none was even close to the truth. I was never “boy crazy” if I had a crush on someone I suffered in silence, which was only two boys at school both had the same first name. I didn't tell ym girlfriends my feelings, generally I tell no one about me I'm forced to do it here because my silence has allowed the likes of the WARK's the SIMPSON's and the HARVEY's to write their own maliciously false story about me and carry their one sided criminal vendetta for how long? Fifty years. Well now its officially terrorism since 1995.

The Fathers’ Day 1984 Milperra shootings were on the evidence, organised by Australian Freemason occurred in the federal electorate of Treasurer Paul Keating’s seat of Blaxland.  It was a federal election year; in fact the general public was waiting on Bob Hawke to announce the election date. After the Fathers' Day shootings HAWKE procrastinated for weeks, as recorded in the 1984 press, HAWKE finally called the election in December 1984.
The evidence suggests Paul bankrolled the coverup my misappropriation of Federal government resources to save his seat in parliament at the 1984 election and save his neck from the proverbial noose ever since. KEATING had his eye on becoming prime minister you can imagine he wasn't going to let people he considered less "entitled" than himself spoil his chances. For KEATING that appeared to be everyone whose net worth was less than $1million.

The Simpson Harvey Allen & Unwin book with my stolen photo as fake murder victim Leanne Walters, was advertised on the internet as being published on April Fool’s Day 1989. Using event days is a modus operandi. There are other patterns in the linked terrorist government crimes.
When I was still living at 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie (1984 to Feb 1986) my landlord, Len English a Lions Club member, accused me of faking my death at the Milperra shootings incident with words to this effect, “I saw your photo on TV news police say you’re Leanne Walters and you’re dead.”
When the Elderslie bridge flooded near my 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie residence I stopped at the bridge to check the water levels out of curiosity. There were people already on the bridge looking into the flood water, it was after dark. I stood silently next to them when one looked up at me. He acted as if he thought he recognised me, he screamed in absolute horror yelling words to this effect, “you’re dead” the rest of his companions looked at me and they too screamed in hysteria. They all ran to a parked yellow-orange Valiant Charger which sped off spinning the wheels in a hurry, not to show off. There were still 2 people on the bride on the other side of me. We looked at each other in amusement and went back to looking at the flood water. I think I was living at The Oaks at this time.
All the time I was resident in NSW after 1984 to when I left in 2004 multiple people insisted, I was “Leanne Walters” and were convinced because, as they informed me, “ NSW police said so, so iut must be true.” Whish is the hallmark of a Freemason brainwashing, believing a reality despite the contradictory evidence. Its not a delusion of its been a result of illegal use of drugs, ‘dress-ups’ themed scene creation and role play and verbal suggestions; also known as movie making or psychotherapy. Putting it bluntly professional brainwashing. (Thought bubble: “Now who does those things for a regular job?”) 
In about August 1994, 3 NSW police officers, 2 uniformed with guns, one claiming to be detective Paul Shiels, brother of Camden NSW Toastmaster, Martin Shiels, attempted to arrest me at gunpoint after accusing me, with words to this effect “accused me of being Leanne Walters who faked her own death in 1984 who was 25 yrs old” when in reality I was actually 38 yrs old and the mother of 5 children aged between 20 yrs and 3 yrs. I showed the idiots my photo driving licence informing them I’d heal the same licence since August 1973 and passed the licence test at the local Campbelltown motor registry in 1973 when it was located on corner of Lindsay and Sturt streets in Campbelltown. NSW police detective Paul Shiels had a copy of the Simpson Harvey Allen & Unwin Brothers In Arms paperback in his hand as proof I was Leanne Walters. I laughed at him and insisted he investigate the ‘reason’ my photo was illegally in that book and have the book taken out of circulation, so his police negligence didn’t happen again. In response NSW police terrorist detective Paul Shiels verbally threatened to criminally misuse government resources to illegally stalk me for the rest of my life, indicating his insistence that despite me being a victim of police crime he was going to ensure I remained a lifelong victim of police crime. Which is exactly what has happened. Knowing I was powerless to stop these public officers organised criminals I suggested he bring his book to read as it was going to be boring for him.
In 1997 and in response to the official realisation that I had been a Freemason victim of crime with the book and prior surgical rapes, the evidence strongly suggests NSW and Federal government public officers decided to have me criminally surgically raped hoping to declare me insane as a direct result.
Ten years later in 2004 when I was still campaigning NSW police for the books removal from circulation, NSW police did an about face, Goulburn NSW police terrorist detective Bernard Ryan criminally threatened me with words to this effect, “that’s a photo of Rex Walters daughter” (pointing to a book photo, photo booth photo companion photo also stolen from me, now on his NSW police computer monitor) “ and if you keep insisting that’s a photo is you I’ll arrest you” which he caused a few weeks later by claiming I’d “offended police” by exposing their crimes associated with the publication of that book.
The rest is amply recorded in this website. So you see my links to the Viking Tavern event were real just as my links to the publication of the book was real as the book itself was engineered after retired NSW police officer Jack Bassett shot himself dead on 24 April 1988 because of his own guilt in allowing my male parent to rape every one of my male parent’s offspring, because despite being a NSW police officer, he was a Freemason friend of my male parent and had sworn an oath under threat of Jack’s own murder if he refused to cover up the crimes of his fellow Freemasons according to Freemason Lore and instead of Australian law. The issue was that I had the audacity to protect my mother when my male parent hit her in the face, when I was 2 years old on 3 March 1959. The Freemasons wanted to "break" my natural strength of character, they couldn't so they invented shit to discredit me and ruin my life that way.

Ex-cop Jack Bassett NSW killed himself for himself, not for me.

In front of his mother Irene, his sister Valia, my male parent and other NSW police detective friends, Jack Bassets’ only son, also a NSW police detective who threatened me at gunpoint at his father’s wake at his parent’s residence. One year later the book was published with my stolen photo as “Leanne Walters shot dead” it was a metaphoric statement of what organised terrorists and Australian Freemasons had done to me for attempting to expose Freemason police organised child sex crimes in 20th century Sydney NSW region. I figured it out because I'm smarter than the average bear and don't "need" to prove myself to anyone. I let the facts speak for me.

At the point the then long term (falsely respected) male Camden NSW Freemason Lodge Magistrate instructed the court stenographer to “strike out” the Freemason specific plea for help from the defendant in the Application by the defendant’s daughter for an Apprehended Violence Order to protect herself and her 4 sons from their maternal grandfather, a Freemason, Janette knew she was in for a very long battle with Freemason government public officer terrorists and their huge family of political supporters that was 6 March 1990 (see image at lowest right or this link) and the catalyst for my surgical rape by secret order Australian Freemasons. The Court Process was against my male parent only as usual spineless Freemasons and their female 'Freemason pedophile' supporters added my mother on both letters because the Freemason males haven't the moral ability to face criminal responsibility alone.

My mother was NEVER the issue. The issue was that I had the audacity to protect my mother when my male parent hit her in the face, when I was 2 years old on 3 March 1959. The Freemasons wanted to "break" my natural strength of charector, they couldn't so they invented shit to discredit me and ruin my life that way.

Janette Gail Francis, 2020.

Ben Dover




put your lying scheming head between your legs and kiss your slutty arsehole goodbye.

If its actions and effects are terrorism it is terrorism despite being Australian government public officers during the course of their employment.

Let's not forget that 1984 was the year Australia's Federal parliament passed the Bill that said Australian women were "allowed" to "operate" their own bank accounts without the written permission of their male parent or husband. Written permission from dad or husband to withdraw any amount of money from a bank account in the woman’s own name alone (or joint account). Written permission from dad or husband to close their bank account in a woman's own name only (or joint account).

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.