GG Rob Roy MacGregor may've had long arms to reach people better with his sword

but I can reach people best with my websites

I was never a part of them, but they're all a part of me,

some more than others.

Hi, I'm Janette Gail Francis. I'm the youngest of 4 children. Psychologist will tell you I act more like an 'oldest' child. That's true I do but that's only because of my DNA. I was born strong minded determined not to be silenced and despite being humble in nature I have to finally admit after 60 years I know in myself I was born a natural leader. Australia being stocked with the political pack-mongrels that it is legislated so that natural women leaders like me would be silenced with legislation that deemed they were owned by men. Those father / husband laws of female ownership were revoked in mid 1980s but that mindset still exists in the hearts and minds of many men in politics and government. In reality people only succeed in Australia if there's no one in politics and government who doesn't want them to fail. I'm not on the left or right of politics, I'm smack in the middle. I'd call myself a realist.

Wasn’t until recently I was properly aware of my Scottish ancestry. The dominance of my father meant that I only knew his ancestry. However, as I told mum when I was a teenager, I’m just as much a Strachan as I am a Francis. It was only in 2007 I realised my grandmother had a lot of siblings, she'd only spoken about one to me, Aunt Ann. But when I saw their named I realised mum knew who they were, she'd named the pet sheep we had in Bunyan after them. Due to the sadistic garbage the government has me suppressed under it wasn't until the end of 2017 that I was able to start looking again.

It was late 2017 I discovered my Rob Roy MacGregor pedigree and realised that's exactly who I am. The awshit-moment for me came when I saw the "despite them" inscription of Rob Roy's grave. It was 1988 when I was undertaking court proceedings against my paedophile dad, my only brother was the only sibling with the courage to stand by me publicly. Just before I went in to give my evidence in an (outrageous) Freemason court ordered (medication) session my brother candidly said to me "You know Jenny you've managed to survive untouched despite them." Or words to that effect. I hadn't realised before how strong I am emotionally as every day of my life has been a battle to be heard. But I realised he was quite right. Clearly its in my DNA. Despite my mum's involvement in her support of my dad, I still don't blame her or my sisters, I blame mind fuking Australian Freemasons 100%.

As I recently discovered the motto of the Scottish Strachan clan is Non Timeo Sed Caveo (I Fear Not But I Am Cautious)” That accurately sums up my no-risk fearless personality.

I suspect genetically that I’m actually more like my mother’s Scottish-Irish ancestors than my father’s cowardly back-stabbing English ancestors.

My mum's dad was the only grandfather I knew sadly he died when I was 8. Dad's dad died when my dad was an infant. Judging from my dad's genetics, I also suspect his wife may have influenced that outcome. Historically speaking, she shall remain blameless.

I was raped by my dad when I was two months from my 3rd birthday (1959) as punishment for me telling him off for punching my mum in the nose on their wedding anniversary, (3 March) causing mum to bleed all over her favourite dress. That's what Cooma cop Jack Bassett covered up. Jack was my dad's best friend.

On 24 April 1988 I reported another of my dad's rapes of little children to Freemason police in Camden NSW. Jack’s police son, like all spineless cops, blamed me for Jack’s suicide that day because of the domino effect on his dad. Evidently Jack realised his participation in allowing my dad to go on to be a serial rapist of many children in the ensuing years. Freemason police and politicians and judiciary all facilitated that serial rapist, my dad, because he was a Freemason. Because he was a Freemason.

Dad's sadistic punishment on 3 March 1959 failed in its purpose, I was never afraid of my remarkably spineless Freemason dad, Aubrey Bernard Francis or any equally spineless NSW cop.

I only saw Jack's NSW police detective son as an adult at his dad's funeral wake at his parent's residence in 1988, when he pulled his police issue pistol from his police issue chest holster to point it at me as he blamed me for personally causing his dad's suicide. I saw Bernard Ryan for the first time in 2003. In my memory in 2003 Jack's son looked like Bernard Ryan and they both had 100% identical personalities, irrational and psychotic and keen on punishing me for doing something that only existed in their own mind. Which is what makes me suspect Goulburn defective detective Bernard Ryan might also be Jack's son.

Bernard Ryan had me falsely arrested several times in 2004 when I lived in 53 Gibson Street Goulburn NSW. The last time they kept me overnight after Bernard Ryan went psycho at me in the main street for no legal reason. In the middle of the night Bernard Ryan came to my cell to bash on the bars to try to scare me. Despite Bernard Ryan's very personal participation in my multiple false arrests in Goulburn, Bernard Ryan's name isn't on any related police or court document, he's referenced as a police person but not by name, police title or number.

If you're attentive you should be asking, “Why did I go to Jack's funeral after I caught my dad raping my weeks old child, and reported that to police?” The answer is irrefutable evidence to substantiate my repeat claims that Freemasons drug and brainwash people to forget they saw Freemason crimes because when Freemason criminals are in positions of authority in government their resources are limitless. All moves have some minor basis in truth, same goes for 'Men in Black'.


Freemasons have always been in politics, members of political parties, the group with their eyes set on controlling the people so they stay in government. From my perspective I've seen many people in many walks of life who've acted like possessed psychopaths like Richard Condon's Manchurian Candidate, they've done things to me out of character. I suspect defective detective Bernard Ryan/Jack's police detective son (who as a boy in Cooma wanted to be a cop when he grew up so he could arrest his dad for staying in the pub too long with my dad) were also a 'Candidate' for others keen to have him serve a political purpose. The odd thing in our communities is that when police act bad the press blame the police, not the politicians who are legally responsible for the actions of police through Acts in Parliament. 


Government put absurd false rumours 'out there' to have them branded as crazy 'conspiracy theories' in order to conceal the real 'political conspiracy' facts. Best place for a wolf to hide is amongst the chickens.


GG John McLachlan married into Ireland's Purdie family he was born 1783 Derry Ireland died 1850 Kilmarnock Scotland. Never knew his history but I'm sure he was a part of the 1803 Rebellion in Dublin Ireland I never studied history at school it was an elective when I was in high school. So as a seer I know my memories are all mine.

I feel quietly confident I'm blood related to author and civil rights historian Bob Purdie (1940-2014) despite not haveing physical proof of that.

Circa 2002 Janette was granted a court ordered AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against Robyn Noonan JP alias Robyn Hall JP to prevent her from physically and psychologically harming Janette's children with Owen Hall when they were visiting their dad. Robyn threatened to seriously beat the children, physically hit the children and locked them in separate room so they were unable to get any comfort or have contact with each other in their fear and terror as they were sobbong and pleading to be let out. Owen Hall, their dad refused to protect his children, despite as parents Janette and Owen had a no-hitting policy.

Owen Hall had Janette arrested by Freemason Judge Coleman in the face of a Family Court hearing, and penalised with four (4) months suspended prison sentence under Family Law Act when the children refused to visit Owen after he allowed their step-mother's (Robyn) to embark on her psychotic episode (AVO) proving some men will do anything for regular sex.

Don't get me started on the disgustingly obscene comments of male Federal police at NSW Parramatta Family Court as they did their security screening on vulnerable women and young mothers. Or Parramatta FC Freemason judges who insisted it was in best interests of children that they not come to FC hearings but stay home alone after they refused to transfer my case from Parramatta to Newcastle so as not to inconvenience Owen Hall. Its ALL in the court record I've checked recently. Fearing their kidnap to or from their primary school I kept them home all day instructing to stay locked inside the house opening to no-one even police. How dangerous was that! But necessary, this occurred AFTER I'd been kidnapped at numerous Council meetings and surgically raped numerous times with no-one on my side. I was treated like a prisoner of war by all my fellow government public officers when I was an elected politician in Wollondilly Shire 1995-1999.

Circa 1997 after they had been separated for two (2) years Janette was granted a court ordered AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against Owen Hall when he attempted to steal Janette's locked motorcar from Janette's driveway, had been trespassing in Janette's back yard when she wasn't home, and threatening the life of both his children and ex-defacto in his murder suicide attempt using a gas explosion in Janette's Bowral NSW residence. Owen Hall was never even questioned by police, their best-practice with Janette has always been to say "Its your word against his." NEVER looking at the evidence to support Janette claims. After Janette's seperation from Owen their mantra became, "That's a family court matter." That being police catching Owen inside Janette's car trying to remove the steering lock and the family murder suicide attempt.

You can't choose what family you're born into

but you can choose to live your life as a good decent person or

a corrupt evil bastard, there's no half way

you can't be decent and corrupt and

you can't be good and evil

so who are you?


To clarify any false rumours, I don't have any Australian Aboriginal ancestors. All mine in the past couple of hundred years came from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England or France. If I was part Australian Aboriginal I'd be just as proud.


The atrocities of my story happened to me and the government murder of Rita Ann Broadway in Adelaide Australia occurred because we do NOT have a democratic government. Which means the mindset of intentionally negligent government NO-care goes an and flourishes being well-fed by our 2 party preferred constitutional system of government, Labor Party and Liberal Party, who are proved psychopaths by their deeds not merely their false words. In that vein I still desperately need to find a good lawyer so I can access reasonable medical care before I die, if you know one be sure to send them my way.


Democratic government will exist when political parties are not allowed to have equity, not allowed to collect membership fees and not allowed to accept any donation in any way whatsoever. In the 21st century a political party can easily exist electronically on a free email address and a free website.

Democratic government will only be achieved when literally any citizen can stand for an election when the limit on any election campaign is set to a very low limit granted to each person by the Electoral Office and a person does not have to collect hundreds of signatures just to nominate for an election.

Janette Gail Francis,

aka Clr Jenny Hall 1995-1999 Wollondilly Shire NSW Australia.






This is possibly the best place for family relationships.

I had never told anyone everything about my private life as I’ve never had anyone I could trust enough to tell everything to. Which means this website book is quite cathartic allowing the release of suppressed emotions, as well as being historically politically informative.

He who shall not be named, and I were a platonic item when I was raped aged 15. He preferred to believe the rumours that said I wasn’t raped when I was 15 at an all girl’s party by a boy invited in for my arranged rape by the daughter of a NSW policeman in 1971 in Campbelltown New South Wales. I think I saw him when I was raped again two years later but I’m not sure I was in a state of shock. I was still in love with him when I met my husband having resigned myself to the knowledge we could never be together, but I still loved him secretly. No he's not Phil Steva, I don't think I told anyone about my first love. I'm an introvert, I don't need attention from others.

In a state of emotional mess I met the father of my first child who didn't bother to be a dad when he had the opportunity. When I realised I was pregnant I bought a one-way plane ticket to north Queensland wanting to get away from my parents and everyone else. I weakened and changed my mind. That was the one mistake I’ll regret for the rest of my life.

I met my husband Bob, William Robert Peters, when my parents sent me to my oldest sister’s house claiming she was in need of nursing care. My oldest child was 10-months-old, my parents told me I had to leave the baby with them. I was an obedient daughter. When I got to my sister’s house in Geelong Victoria the first thing I noticed was that she was perfectly healthy and not in need of nursing care. I was on a government benefit and had no money to return to my child. I met Bob we fell in love and married. My parents still refused to return my baby to me (falsely) claiming to all and sundry my dad was my child’s father. So I consulted a Geelong policeman who didn’t know my dad was a Freemason, the advice may have been different if he knew. The Geelong police tole me to tell my dad if he insisted my child was also his child, they wanted to speak to him. My parents gave me back my baby that was 1975.

I decided to trust my parents again and went back to Campbelltown NSW when I was pregnant with my second child in 1976. The second mistake of many I made in trusting my Freemason dad.

I separated from Bob in 1981 after not being able to deal with his alcoholism any more since he became violent after his alcoholic mother died. My dad was a very violent alcoholic who used to threaten to kill my mother with his loaded shotgun and rifle. Believing the town rumours about me being a slut he turned his bolt action shotgun on me, I was 16. The rest of my family called me a liar when I told them what dad did. I married Bob believing he was not an alcoholic, apparently, he was in a dry spell when we met, and he decided not to tell me of his drinking problem.

I met Owen in 1985. I’d moved several times and wasn’t on the electoral roll to shake off Bob as the children were all now terrified of him.

After Owen and I began co-habitation he informed me he'd been stalking me at my aerobics class before I met him. Which felt creepy. The Freemasons played a major role in my life. I had good reasons to suspect they were behind my 1971 rape. Owen asked me to marry him after we learnt of my pregnancy with his first child. I was on the pill so I’m not quite sure how that happened. I was still married to Bob because I still loved Bob and wanted to see if he’d get his act together. Deciding to put Bob behind me I told Owen that I hoped he was serious because I didn’t feel strong enough to be lied to again. The divorce came through soon after I gave birth to Owen's first child in 1988 however Owen then decided he didn't want to marry me anymore. I was devastated. In hindsight it appears that was because he had agreed to participate in the Freemason’s Allen & Unwin book (Brothers In Arms The Inside Story Of Two Bikie Gangs) which was copyright in 1989. This was apparent in hindsight as this was when Owen started saying to me, “You’re going to make me a millionaire before I’m 30.” He said it to me often from 1988/1989.

I birthed another unplanned child to Owen in 1991 when the baby was a couple of months old I ordered him out of my (Torrens Title) house due to something he said which indicated he was using me for financial benefit. I was right he had stolen my real estate in a fraud with Graham Holby and lawyers for Macarthur (Mutual) Credit Union two (2) days before I gave birth. Owen was an electrician in Clutha Ltd (Narellan) Coal mines in Burragorang Valley (Warragamba south area) they're all closed now. I didn’t find out about this criminal fraud and Real Estate crime until after we separated in 1996. I owned a Torrens Title, under my birth name Janette Gail Francis. I was not married to Owen he had no legal right to it but Graham Holby gave Owen a first mortgage in Owen's name only for my Torrens Title on 16 August 1991 without my legal consent in any way whatsoever.

They achieved the fraud by Freemason Brother Graham Holby issuing the forged Loan document dated 16 August 1991. (See official MMCU document on right)

Then a forged letter from Freemason Lawyers falsely claiming the title on my property was held in Owen's name two months later, 17 October 1991. (See official MMCU document on right)

I signed a seperate agreement two (2) months later believing I was getting a loan in my name, at no time did I agree to give my Torrens Title to Owen Hall, there is no document in existence to that effect. 

To maintain the fraud Holby illegally allowed Owen to keep open Owen's and mine joint savings account at MMCU for some YEARS after we separated in 1996 because it was attached to the forged loan. I'd tried to close the account many times but MMCU staff wouldn't let me. It had to stay open they claimed as it was attached to the loan they gave to Owen for my Real Estate. I secured an account statement from the Credit Union to prove that also, dated 14 July 2000. (See official MMCU document on right)

Owen (a Freemason son) had the audacity to complain in the Family Court that I ''stole'' all the money from the ''joint account'' in 2000, four (4) years after we separated. It’s in the Court transcript.

Torrens Title under law is guaranteed mine by the NSW State government. NSW Freemasons illegally stole my Real Estate. NSW government illegally allowed that to happen. NSW government illegally refused to help me get it back, despite their claims my title was guaranteed mine. Macarthur Credit Union insist they gave Owen the loan on my Torrens Title legally, despite their own documents published here that PROVE otherwise. I was angry when I got the documents I scribbled all over them without thinking I needed them clean, one day.

The criminal fraud didn’t stop there. Before I got access to the Credit Union forged documents (published here) Owen refused to vacate my Torrens Title residence when we separated forcing me to secure rental for our children and myself. Proving he intended to steal my Real Estate he changed the locks refusing me entry. Refused to let me get any of my clothes and other possessions and the children’s toys and clothes. Owen threw all my possessions to the rubbish tip with his new partner, Robyn (Noonan) Hall JP (Couridjah NSW) including my all childhood treasures, all the drawings my older children did for me when they were little. The children and I lived without a fridge and washing machine for months as I was an elected politician on Local Government. NSW Land Title office staff refused to give me copy of my Torrens Title deed. NSW water board staff refused to let me turn the water off despite that it was in my name. Owen applied to Wollondilly Council to have the rate notice to my Real Estate converted to his name. Police refused to accept my legal entitlement to the property refusing to evict Owen. No legal advice centre and no lawyer would tell me how to sue Owen to regain possession of my Real Estate. Family Court Freemason Judge Brother Lloyd Waddy refused my legal right to property settlement when matters involving children of defacto (common law) parents were before the court, which was my legal right under the Family Law Act. The only option I had left to get my Real Estate off Owen was declare bankruptcy. In my bankruptcy I was forced to pay all Owen’s debts even the ones he incurred after we formally separated. My bankruptcy was handled by (ITSA) Insolvency and Trustee Services Australia, under the Attorney General's portfolio. In May 1999 the date of my bankruptcy, the Federal Attorney General was Daryl Robert Williams was/is a Liberal Party member and undoubtably a Freemason. My dad was a also Liberal Party Freemason. It was ITSA staff who gave me copy of the Credit Union documents. This was before mobile phone cameras. They knew of the fraud and became criminal accessories to the Real Estate fraud after the fact. They refused to give me copy of the Freemason letter that had words written about me, thus, “Tell Ms Hall she can whistle Dixie for her real estate.” I believe the author of that 1990s letter was a Mr McGowan or a name very similar, to protect one of many Government Public Officer accomplices who criminally assisted my (illegal) financial ruin. Evidently so they could illegally force me out of rental accommodations every two (2) years so my children and I were unable to form any lasting friendship. Freemason police spread criminally defamatory false rumours about us behind our back, I caught one in the act in Goulburn NSW circa 2003. Divide and conquer.


I weakened and asked Owen back for the sake of the children within a few days after we separated in 1991. I didn’t want them growing up without their dad like their older siblings had done.

Owen and I separated in 1996 I soon discovered Owen had been cheating on me with my oldest son’s teenage girlfriend while we were living under the same roof. My son was devastated she was his first true love.

After we Owen was soon in the company of many women. He had a list of pub girlfriends before he married a woman old enough to be his mother, Robyn Noonan. Yes he married a woman he couldn’t have children with by refused to marry me the mother of his only children. She probably insisted to make sure he didn’t steal her real estate. In a false defamatory letter Robyn wrote to my youngest child’s high school teacher.

Robyn's letter was (hand) written as Owen was appealing in the Administration Appeals Tribunal about his duty to pay adult child support for our daughter while she was still in high school. According to Robyn (by inference) this was how Owen wanted his children to remember him in the last months before he died.  Robyn claimed she  knew all about Owen and I when we were still living together, so Robyn and Owen may have planned the theft on my real estate. Robyn financially benefited from the theft of my Real Estate. Robyn knew Owen had committed Real Estate fraud and was assisting him with her best friend, Faye Daniels office manager or similar at Campbelltown NSW District Court Registry. Robyn was a Justice of the Peace and employed as a Government Public Officer at the Campbelltown, Macarthur Legal Centre as the office manager. Another government centre that refused to give me legal advice on how to sue the government under Common Law for breach of their statutory duty, a Writ of Mandamus.


Mrs Robyn Hall JP (ex Mrs Noonan JP) stole my children's inheritance from their natural dad, Owen Hall, to provide for her own children to another man. If Robyn knew Owen for 13 years in 2009, (as per her handwritten letter) then she met Owen Hall in 1996. Owen and I separated in August 1996. Owen and I met in September 1985. I don't recollect seeing Robyn any time between 1985 and 1996 when Owen and I were together, or during our separation period in August September 1996. Owen owes me many years of unpaid child support. Owen owes me three (3) years rent as he illegally occupied my Torrens Title property at 39 William Street The Oaks NSW from 8 August 1996 to 30 May 1999 when I was forced to declare bankruptcy due to his illegal occupation of my residence when he knew Robyn Noonan JP by her own admission. Apart from my possessions he stole that I owned before we met, some before he was even born, Owen Hall also owes me a 1929 Pontiac sedan complete with the Indian head radiator cap, if Owen is dead money-hungry Robyn M Noonan Hall owes these things to me from his estate as well as owing Owen's children the 1969 Pontiac 4 door Bonneville with cruise control, that belonged to Owen before he met money-hungry Robyn. Owen and I shared in the ownership of a as well as a 1930s Pontiac and a 1940s Pontiac. They all probably helped pay for their country mansion lifestyle in Bargo River Road Tahmoor as the children and myself were homeless living in my Holden, the one Owen didn't steal.


Speaking of what people owe me, for thirty (30) something years of false defamation Rex Walters and Ronald Stephenson owe me thirty (30) years of lost wages, so that'd be about what? About three million dollars ($3,000,000).


Before and after Robyn's defamatory letter (right) I rang Owen's house from my mobile phone (twice) to inquire about Owen's health. Both times I was told he was not sick. Which is why I have a hard time believing he actually died and wasn't put into witness protection by our criminally corrupt NSW Freemason police, to protect the historically criminal interests of Australian Freemasons. I stood for council election in 2010 put my hand up to be Mayor so I wasn't hard to find. Robyn became chummy with my brother and his wife through the local Pony Club so she knew my birth name is Francis, I don't know hers, Noonan is he ex-husband's last name. I won't repeat what Mr Noonan said to me about his ex-wife Robyn because that might be reckless defamation. After I got the NSW death certificate for Owen I telephoned Robyn (again on the landline). Robyn kept hanging up refusing to talk to me. Someone reng me back (she had my number) telling me they were my brother's wife and I should, "Leave poor Robyn alone." It wasn't my sister-in-law on the phone, was probably Robyn. I suspect Robyn was a source of criminal defamation for me around Wollondilly when I was still on council, after Owen and I seperated. That's what came to me via the grapevine.



An example of who Owen Hall, he claimed financial credit for returning items to me that were legally mine, claiming in Affidavit he “gifted” them to me out of the goodness of his heart to reduce his Child Support payment. Some dad. Owen criminally trespassed in my rental property to cut the grass in my back yard so he could claim he was "doing good deeds for me" to 'look' good in the many Family Court lawsuits HE FILED against me. Robyn M Noonan JP and Owen's mum, Janet M Hall JP witnessed Owen's Family Court Affidavits. Owen Hall purjured himself with contradictory statements in later Local Court documents. I've only ever claimed about Owen that which I can prove.  


However I couldn't prove that while Owen was "caring" for his children at my place in 5 Tulip Close Bowral NSW (circa 1997) he opened all 4 gas burners on my stove and laid down on the floor in another room. If I had come home from the Wollondilly Shire Council meeting (as Councillor Hall) and walked into the kitchen from the garage smoking as I usually did, myself and probably the children in their bedrooms off the kitchen would have been killed in the ensuing gas explosion, as Owen lay on the ground protected in another area of the house. Some dad. I didn't tell our children that.  I could have proved it if local police interviewed my children and Owen after I had to evacuate everyone to clear the gas. But Bowral and Mittagong police were more interested in harming me and my children to protect their criminal Freemason buddies.


Owen filed his action in Family Court after that, seeking visitation days because I told him I no longer trusted his to look after the children unsupervised. Owen never sought custody he never wanted that responsibility. Often he collected the children then dumped them on his parents so he could go out, evidently socialising with Robyn Noonan. All Owen ever wanted to do was to annoy me. He told the children aged 6 and 9 in 1997 that "I never want to see you again." Because I refused to get back with him 6 months after I left. They came into me sobbing their hearts out barely able to speak. They told me what he said. I told them he didn't mean it. Owen admitted later that was what he said. He wasn't a dad's bumhole.


I've lived at the same address since April 2008. Despite being able to find us to criminally defame us in October 2009. Robyn failed to notify his only children their dad died in March 2010, five (5) months later. Evidently so she could criminally deny them their legal entitlement to inheritance from their dad estate involving the multi-million property at 201 Bargo River Road Couridjah NSW 2571 near Tahmoor. The children only found out in 2015 after I paid to do a death certificate search. Naturally I got a lot of blame for his death due to Freemason psychological influence on my daughter at Christies Beach state high school after Robyn's letter. (linked to envelope photo). 


When Owen took me to Family Court he falsely accused me of keeping him away from his children and accused me of having sex with other men, like it was 1960 and we had been married. Owen accused me of being heavily pregnant in court when I wasn’t. Owen made the odd statement with words like, “I’m the one whose kept her in the one place the longest.” Owen acted like a man who had been under the influence of Freemason brainwashing. When it started I’m not quite sure. Maybe he’d been brainwashed from well before we met as most of the time with him it felt like he was on another planet. As soon as Owen saw me with a copy of the Freemason’s Allen & Unwin book at Family Court, he withdrew his case totally and left me alone. Before that he was constantly trying to have me imprisoned for the smallest breach of orders and was constantly harassing me. No one withdraws like that unless they feel guilt or are scared or reprisals. That was 2001.

I was moving from Goulburn to Adelaide in 2004. I was driving and felt a strong presence of someone, (another of my seer abilities) the presence made me very sad and very annoyed. I was emotionally unable to continue to concentrate on driving so I pulled up off the road next to a river somewhere I have no idea where. I parked the car trying to compose myself and wait for the fulfilment of my premonition, letting the children play in a little park next to the river. As I stood there wondering who the strong presence was my first love approached on foot from my left, he was talking to his friend in what looked like a disagreement. His friend appeared to be trying to convince him to talk to me. Tears were pouring from my otherwise emotionless face as he walked past about 20 something feet away refusing to look at me.

My heart was screaming at me to call out to him but the memory of my life with my parents, and Bob and Owen kept me silent, determined not to expose my children to another potential psychopath created by Freemasons in government.

I was still in love with him when I met Bob. I probably still am, but it’s the 15-year-old me who feels the lovesick pain. I spent all my time in my relationships in constant betrayal by the men I loved with all my heart and trusted with my life. Seriously, who needs that sort of drama and heartache. I look at it as if I lost them all in the great Freemason war on children.


The Only person I’ve ever been able to trust is me because in 20th century Australia parliament waged a war against any witness of Freemason pedophilia, a war that enjoys as much illegal police and politician support today in 2018 as it did when I was brutally raped as a toddler on 3 March 1959 by a Freemason best friend of a Freemason cop named Jack Bassett from Cooma, New South Wales, Australia. A brutal rape that required stitches to stop me from bleeding to death, that's where Dr Bassett became involved and was murdered in 1974 soon after I required stitches again tn that place after the birth of my first child as the pain caused me to remember the 1959 rape and challenge my rapist, my Freemason dad. Freemasons historically used brainwashing to make their child victims forget they were raped by Freemasons. My dad went on to rape every one of his descendants he had access to, protected by Australian police and Australia's consecutive parliaments many of whom were / are Freemasons honouring Freemason lore and Political Party policy over and above all Australian Law and includes Freemason Brother Robert James Lee (Bob) Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia 1983-1991, Australian Labor Party. Like all Freemasons, their rapid progression through the ranks of employment or politics usually indicated their cult membership as a Freemason, worshiper of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Demons, including the AE god of the underworld a modern day devil, and all the ancient rituals and customs that goes with that mindset, including incest. I grew up in the house of a Freemason. Being an exceptionally attentive introvert I monitored everything in my environment. I heard my dad chanting his creepy Freemason ritual speaches every week, as they had to remember it off by heart, like a actor.


The inference is that Freemason Graham Holby and Owen Hall had conspired to steal the real estate property of Janette Gail Francis is proved by the Credit Union's #32571 account name, "Mr and Mrs ON Hall and J Hall".


1. Before Janette was married she always used her full birth name Janette Gail Francis in ALL business transactions.


2. After Janette married William R Peters she always used her full name Janette Gail Peters in all business transactions until they seperated in 1981.


3. After Janette birthed Owen's first child in 1988 and opened a joint MMCU account with Owen Hall, Janette always used her full name Janette Gail Francis in all business transactions involving her real estate and bank accounts.


4. After Janette was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1999 and no longer had real estate she used her defacto squired full name Janette Gail HALL in all subsequent business transactions.


5. When Janette's youngest child became an adult at 18  Janette reverted to her full birth name in all business transactions including Medicare Janette Gail Francis.


When Macarthur Mutual Credit Union manager Graham Holby opened Owen and Janette's joint savings account #32517 in the names of ON Hall and J Hall despite that Janette's real estate was in Janette Gail Francis. This quirk allowed Owen's mum, Janette M Hall to become an illegal signatory, or to appear as if she was on paper, and made it appear on paper that Janette was married to Owen Hall and gave him authority to have his first mortgage on Janette's Torrens Title despite that no mortgage documents exists that authorises these illegal transactions.


In short Janette only authorised a transaction in her FULL name which includes GAIL. Janette never used the title Mrs Hall, she used Ms Hall.


About MMCU account #32571

I was almost 3 when I was raped by a Freemason 2571 is Picton's Post Code.


About Parramatta (PA) Family Court and Freemason Judges:


PA302 was the case number for my 1988 filed application for divorce from William Peters. My Freemason rape happened on 3 March when I was 02 years old.


Over a decade later with impossible odds.


PA3302 was case number Owen's 1999 filed application for visitation rights with our children as a defacot couple. This time they made it 3 March (33) keeping the age 02 when I was raped by a Freemason.


I suspect this sort of sequencing code has been universally used in Freemason crimes in government to conceal the rapes of their child victims by persecuting the child victim as an adult with illegal processes and brazen Abuse of Public Office sanctioned by all Australian parliamentarians in the Labor Party and Liberal Party.


All the evidence indicates that everyone in my life had been brainwashed or given financial incentives and illegal impunity for their crimes to assault, batter, and criminally defame me with pure fabrications.


I suspect the only reason Freemason supporting Australian police and Judges are now pursuing Christian church officials over old clergy child sex crimes, is to take the heat off and maintain protection for old Freemason child sex crimes. I told police many times circa 1967 I witnessed rape and murder involving 2 boys my own age in the Allman Street Freemason Lodge Temple my Freemason dad belonged to.


Their own documents are my witnesses.

Some of Janette's Endlish Great Grandparents in last couple of hundred years have these last names; Reid (paternal grandmother), Battle, Piesley, Davy/ Davey, Virgoe, Barber, Chilvers, Lawrence, Kettle, Friend, Shepherd, Brook, Bacon, Judd, Dowling, Grant, Knights, Green, Entwistle, Crew, Hussey, Woodhouse, Summersby, Bennett, Faithorne, Pithouse, Taylor, Webbe, Sartin, Alcorn. 


Janette's 8th GG Rob Roy MacGregor (above) became a folk hero in his own lifetime, the family link to Rob Roy was confirmed by Clan Gregor 2018 Scotland. whose also descendant from the Campbells of Glenorchy (the most powerful branch of the Clan Campbell who dominated central Scottish highlands for 200 years from about 1430s) who married into the Royal Stewart Kings of Scotland.


These are some of Janette's royal Great Grandparents through two married ancestors in her maternal lik, the Scottish Royal House of Stewart. Lady Jean Stewart of Atholl is Janette's 11th, and twice 12th Great Grandmother, Scotland's King James Stewart IV is her first Great Grandfather. Scottish Queen Mary Stewart is niece to Janette's GG Lady Jane Stewart (Fleming) who is half sibling to cousin King James Stewart V, and daughter of their shared dad, Janette's 14th and twice 15th GG King James Stewart IV, then GG King James Stewart III, then GG King James Stewart II, then GG King James Stewart I, then GG King Robert Stewart III, then GG King Robert Stewart I, then GG King Robert de Bruce is on another line. English GG King Henry I's wife GG Matilda's dad is GG King Malcolm III The House of Dunkeld, then GG King Duncan I, whose son's wife's paternal grandfather is GG King Edmund II (Ironsides) Wessex England not to be confused with GG Edmund I The Magnificent, Wessex England.


To give some perspective: English King Edward III is 17th GG to English Queen Elizabeth II (born same year as Janette's mum) to Janette he's her 18th GG. His son is Janette's GG King Edward II Plantagenet, then GG King Edward I Plantagenet (Longshanks), then GG King Henry III Plantagenet, then GG King John Plantagenet, then GG King Henry II Plantagenet, miss one generation then switches to Henry II's maternal Grandfather, GG King Henry I Norman, then GG King William I The Conqueror, then GG Robert I The Magnificent Duke of Normandy, then GG Richard II The Good Duke of Normandy, then GG Richard I The Fearless Duke of Normandy, then GG Guillaume I Duke of Normandy, then GG (Viking) Rollo Duke of Normandy (right), then GG Rongvald Eysteinsson de Moere Earl of Norway, closely related to Harald Fairhair, the earliest known King of Norway.


Father-in-law to GG Richard II The Good Duke of Normandy, is GG Conan I Duke of Brittany France.


Wife of GG Robert I The Magnificent Duke of Normandy, GG Arlette (or Herleva) de Falaise, her maternal grandfather is GG King Malcolm II House of Alpin Alba Scotland (one of a few Scottish Kings), then GG King Kenneth II Alpin Alba Scotland, then GG King Malcolm I Alpin Alba Scotland. There are more recorded but not made it into Janette's family tree as yet.


From GG King Edmund II (Ironsides) Wessex England, then GG King Aethelred II the Unready Wessex England, then GG Edgar the Peaceable Wessex England, the GG Edmund I The Magnificent Wessex England, then GG Edward The Elder Wessex England, then GG King Aelfred The Great (right) Wessex England, then GG Aethelwulf Wessex England, then GG King Egbert III Wessex England, then GG King Ealhmund as King of Kent.


On another MacGregor line Janette's 36th GG King David I Scotland (House of Dunkeld), then GG King Malcolm III Scotland (Longneck), then GG King Duncan I Scotland, his maternal grandfather is GG King Malcolm II King of Scotland (see above).

On another MacGregor line is Janette's GG King Robert Stewart III Scotland, then GG King Robert Stewart II Scotland, then GG Princess Marjorie de Bruce, then GG King Robert de Bruce I Scotland who is Janette's 23rd GG.

Additionally at least 5 lines lead to Viking GG Rollo through children of his son GG Guillaume. A few other country royals include GG King Berengar II of Italy, GG King Olaf II of Sweden, a long line of GG Kings of Franks through GG Charlemagne Charles I The Great Holy Roman Emperor.

The furthest notable ancestor found so far in Janette's ancestry (pedigree) is a Pharaoh of Egypt  Ptolemy I Soter (Saviour)  circa 367-284BC. Janette says the 'bust' face of Ptolomy I (right) bears a striking resemblance to her own DNA brother (right). Proving the high probability that DNA from a male ancestor can be passed down multiple generations through female DNA. Ptolemy The Saviour is from Macedonia Greece, he established the famous library at Alexandria.




One thing I discovered whilst researching my family tree is that your DNA must contain a memory imprint of sorts. When I studied in high school history was an elective subject. So I don't have that confusion in my memories. As I did my family tree and studies England and Scotland for the first time I discovered I had memories of names of places, castles, people and towns, when I came across these various names for the first time in Australia that I hadn't heard before and didn't know were linked to UK. They cropped up in my mind as a question in the form of "I can't put my figer on it but that name/place is very familiar to me." Which I often said out loud. Or maybe it's just my 'seer' ability at work. Never can tell. This was pre-internet and I have never been a person interested in history, or politics, and I NEVER read story books. I find them too boring. One includes when I first discovered silver was called 'Sterling' silver (1960s) I asked my mum what else Sterling was. Another linked one is Castle Hill. A friend moved to Castle Hill Sydney circa 1985. I discovered in 2018 Stirling Castle was built on Castle Hill in Scotland built by by my GG James Stewart King of Scotland. 

I'm sure you'll agree Janette's mature adult face bears a visual facial resmblance to her GG King James IV Stewart of Scotland as per Wiki. Johnny Depp (American actor) also bears a striking visual resemblance to James IV so too does one of Janette's sons who also trained as an actor, (NIDA Sydney). as an actor. 

Oh to live in the future when full facts about DNA are finally discovered.

Janette and her many Australian cousins have extensive Australian family with old British Australian presence in bush ranger period and country around Carcoar NSW and gold rush period and town of Charters Towers QLD.


The below are all from Janette's mothers side and are mixed lines, which means daughter to father, or son to mother, rather than strictly male linage or female linage. Janette's paternal 'Francis' (consecutive males) linage has been traced way back, as a result of 1882 marriage of Jane Peisley to George Francis, Janette is related to a bushranger named John Peisley, and presumably Belinda Peisley's family. History proves that bushrangers were outlawed by police who treated them as outlaws before they ever did anything wrong.


Historically Australian police have treated my extend family in the 'them' category illegally denying many of us our legal rights under Australian law forcing many to take extreme measures in their extreme situation. Under Australian law the definition of RACE discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably than another person in a similar situation because of their race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin or immigrant status. The evidence strongly suggests Janette has suffered RACIAL discrimination based on who she's related to, in this instance, her Freemason dad.


Janette's unbroken female linage stops with Jane Mickel or Michael who was named on the Australian death certificate of Janette's great grandmother Jane (MacGregor) MacLachlan, who was born in 1842 Kilmarnock Scotland.


Its actually quite fun to go through the family tree to look up the interesting looking ones to see if they're listed on the Internet. Some of my listed great grandfathers include, Richard I King of England, Robert the Bruce King of Scotland, William Wallace was a great Uncle my linage travels througn his younger brother John Wallace Laird of Elderslie (UK) which is interesting as in 1984 I was living in Elderslie (Camden NSW Australia), William the Conqueror, Viking Rollo Ragnvaldsson first ruler of Normandy, the other Viking Ragnor Lodbrok Sigurdsson King of Dacia (Denmark). The biggest disappointment was King Edward I (Longshanks) the arsehole King in Braveheart the movie who reportedly killed Great Uncle Sir William Wallace. That year would have been an awkward family christmas dinner. LOL they're not directly related to each other but I'm directly related to both of them. Hey you can't pick your family. Someone listed that Jesus as a relative but I had it de-linked on the grounds his life in reality is debated. My main argument was the validity of Jesus' dad. Considering its on a globally respected Christian website it's a testament to their credibility to have removed the Jesus entry. Yes there are quite a few St Clair's and Saint Clair's. Woooh I'm related to Jesus. LOL.


Louis Marc Francois Gauvin is one of Janette, French Great Grandfathers, some of his carvings are currently in Australian National Maritime Museum.


MacLachlan motto Fortis Et Fidus - Brave and Trusty. MacLachlan's are descendant from the  High King of Ireland Niall Noígíallach (Niall of the Nine Hostages) pre Christian religion. There's an estimated 3million descendants of this war lord who's said to have captured St Patrick before he became St Partick. MacLachlan's formed an allegiance with Campbell's of Argyll the group to whom King of Scotland Robert the Bruce gifted lands that belonged to the MacGregor's.

MacGregor motto 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream - Royal is my race. MacGregor's are descendant from the King of Scots in the 9th century Kenneth MacAlpin. My MacGregor's also have a family affiliation with the Campbell's despite Campbell's involvement in harming 17th century MacGregors. Janette grew up in Campbelltown NSW not knowing her family history.


Janette's GG Jane MacGregor and GG James MacLachlan were both born and married in Scotland before they immigrated to Charters Towers in Queensland Australia in 1864 on the Earl Russell, with toddler Jane and baby Maryanne who sadly died on the ship from infectious disease. James' dad was born Northern Ireland he also came to Australia 1800s.


Siol Alpin were a sub kingdom of Ireland called Dal Riada who united with the Picts through marriage to fend off the Vikings. King Alpin lost his head for treason to the Irish high king for marrying Irish. His sacrifice united a country and Prince Gregor is the product of a unified nation. Making the MacGregors both Irish and Scottish royal descendants. Scottish Clan MacLachlan also have royal Irish ancestors.


So if anyone claims to be related to me I say - "Prove it."


The rest of the text below is a contextually scattered but the photo cards hold the irrefutable evidence of the conspiracy to defame Janette, they tell a (true) story of their own.

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