• Political Smoke & Mirrors

    How to make things look right even when they're not. We've been conned into believing police are employed to protect us when that's simply not the truth of the matter. Police are employed solely to protect the best interests of the government. If their actions don't 'look good' for the government (or can't be politically exonerated) they won't act. Let me expand on that with irrefutable evidence. Forced unlawful social visits by my landlord's agent, and the landlord's agent committin…

  • Criminally Concealed Political Bribe

    (right click images) Link to BIKIE WARS 99.9% same book as Brothers In Arms. Listed under POSTSCRIPT, omitted NSW Police Defective detectives attending their 2nd year details about 2nd year celebration called the Viking Tie Night. Also details about Kezra's book that was funded by Federal government Australian Film Commission AFTER it was noted in this 1989 published book - evidently a criminally concealed bribe to Kezra from the Federal government political parties, Labor Party and Liberal Par…

  • Criminal Defamation by Alison Barbara Jane Cole

    When your government is a Krakistocracy you must defame yourself by publishing a document that criminally defames you in order to protect your reputation by publicly addressing a matter of criminal defamation. This is one of those 'times'. On the basis of this unlawful medical report Jean Phillips Manager, Licence Regulation at Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure caused me licence to be suspended - without legal excuse. Delegate for the Registrar, Jean Phi…

  • Theory of Control More Fact than Fiction

    Did you know Parliaments have made it legal for politicians to lie to all of us? Electoral Commission has poured cold water on proposed truth in political advertising laws for ACT elections. No law could require that such statements actually be 'true'. So it turns out political candidates are legally allowed to lie to you. When I was in high school (Campbelltown NSW 1969-1972) my first Geography teacher was Mr Bryant. We never knew teacher's first names. I was a terminal chatter-box in cla…


    My inability to secure continual employment in the 1980s to this very day, initially coincided with my vocal split from my Freemason dad on 24 April 1988 after I witnessed his child sex crimes. Crimes that Freemason police refused to take any action on, simply because my dad was a Freemason.

  • Magnets and illegal implants

    By the mid 1990s medical grade implants were using wireless technology just like mobile phones. I was surgically raped in 1997 and 1998 using the then new wireless Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMDs) for illegal purposes as they have no therapeutic value for me in fact they work with the opposite effect.

  • Dangerously Irrational

    In case you're saying, ''She must have done something wrong.'' The short answer to that is, ''No.''

    The only thing that a psychopath would see as something they have to ''take care of'' is that I've been a witness to child sex crimes committed by Freemasons or their children.''

    That's why I've been targeted, I'm a witness to child sex crimes involving WHITE Australians in positions of authority in government.

  • Abuse of Public Office State Transport

    So you think Janette is the crazy bitch! Think again. Here's irrefutable proof this 21st century Australian government political conspiracy against their own innocent citizens is full on fact.

  • Psychopaths in Medicine

    That's what a psychopath with a Bachelor of Medicine sounds like in Australia.

  • Dissidents Stephen Knight a brave hero

    I owe an eternal debt to Stephen Knight He brought me from the dark into the light allowing me to link my childhood memories to criminal modus operandi of current Australian government officials. He died aged 33 soon after ''The Brotherhood'' his exposé book on global Freemasons. Despite the official cause of his death, in my mind responsibility will always rest at the feet of the Freemasons who control all aspects of government in our allied countries, falsely alleged democracies.