Dissidents Stephen Knight a brave hero

    I only slowly understood the extensiveness of the criminal activities in Australian government public officers over a long period of time. If I had not been an elected politician in Wollondilly Local Government it may have taken me longer. I'm slow to see the bad in people, that's due to being the child of a Freemason, they train you to be a victim.

    In 2002 a new book published caught my eye especially as it's title was ''The Brotherhoods: inside the outlaw motorcycle clubs'' and it's author was published as one Arthur Veno and (King) Arthur's wife was (Queen) Elizabeth. Arthur Veno and his wife Elizabeth Veno were the only people with the last name VENO in Australia on the electoral roll when his book was first published. Many people know the word ''veno'' is an informal word for wine for Spanish and Italian people. I suspect this person was making a play on words using ''veno'' saying in his private joke as having a ''whine'' about the groups he mentions in his book.

    I knew as the daughter of a Freemason that the Freemasons are THE original Brotherhood.

    Circa 2002, I wrote an Australia Post registered letter to this Arthur Veno at his electoral office residential address asking for a meeting. However he failed to respond to my request, which I thought was rather odd considering he claimed to get many secret meeting with members of some of the most notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs, but was too afraid to face 50kg little old me.

    I believe the alleged book author Arthur Veno wrote, whatever his real name is, is himself a Freemason and his intent in writing his rather hurried small book was to brand motorcycle club members in current history as the only Brotherhood designed to take the heat off the Freemasons who have literally for centuries been known as The Brotherhood. Below: extract from TV news circa 2012.

    This claim is corroborated by the fact that Veno's The Brotherhoods was published one year after I personally visited the Sydney office of book publishers Allen & Unwin and insisted they make an appointment with me and their authors of the book (Brothers In Arms) who used a stolen copy of a photo of my 28 year old face, as the 14 and 15 year old face of a murder victim in their book.

    In 1980s I did a psychology course and was surprised when I passed with a high distinction or distinction, so I speak with a measure of expertise myself.

    In his TV interview this seemingly forced Canadian accented Arthur Veno states he believes there has been a dramatic shift in the types of people attracted to motorcycle clubs. I say this is a direct response to the illegal methods the government have historically used to suppress these groups who would have existed happily and probably less violently had authorities not tried to commit acts of genocide on these groups. Its all about survival. They are now exactly what the political arm of Australian governments have made. Governments have no one but themselves to blame.

    Try to kill a bee or steal it's food, it will try to sting you despite that this act will cause its own death.

    Leave the bees alone they exists without bothering you.

    Arthur Veno used that very same book as the only reference to that event. Suprise surprise, Allen & Unwin Sydney published both books. I speak of the Simpson & Harvey book ''Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs'' and the shootings at Viking Tavern in Beaconsfield NSW (near Milperra and near the Bankstown Aerodrome for a fast get away) on Fathers' Day 1984 after which Australian Freemasons in the police services and other government departments, falsely used my face as the face of the only female murder victim, which from the extensive evidence indicates that teenage girl murder was falsified by Australian government officials and others, on many levels.

    That he called his book Brotherhoods plural indicates in his mind that he acknowledges the Freemasons are one united group while motorcycle clubs are many multiple totally disconnected groups, like separate tribes on earth have been since life appeared on this planet in one form or another.

    Fate has always been kind to me in assisting me overcome the horrendous elements of unjustified evil thrust at me in Australia during my entire life. As fate would have it in March 2008 I stumbled upon a second hand book at a Library I rarely frequented, Campbelltown NSW. The book was selling for one dollar, (AU$1) which was a good thing as that was all I had in my pocket.


    I was pleased to part with my worldly wealth on this book as it was titled ''The Brotherhood: the secret world of the Freemasons'' authored by Stephen Night and copyright in 1984, the same year as the Fathers' Day 1984 shootings that linked me as that murder victim, a copy of which was in the same Library which also employed my DNA sister who is two years older than me, and who I believe was brainwashed by Freemasons since childhood to detest me to reaggregate me from my family after I witnessed multiple rapes and murder at the Freemason's Blue Lodge in Allman Street, Campbelltown NSW circa 1967. So don't harass my sister, she's just as much a victim as I am, I don't blame her I blame our DNA father and his Freemason buddies 100%. However I'll still never forgive any of my siblings for what she did to me as their little sister in our adult lives.

    The main point of this chapter in my TRUE CRIME website book, is to highlight the Chapter in Stephen Knight's book titled ''The Dissidents'' which describes in great detail the extensive criminalities used to hurt anyone who speaks out against any Freemason. It is the blueprint for the harms that Australian government Public Officers and other Freemasons or relatives of Freemasons have used to harm me in every facet of my life.

    Read The Brotherhood chapter in the linked PDF starting on page 142 and you will see the relationship to the events I retell elsewhere in this website book. 

    Or copy paste the link address thus

    I owe an eternal debt to Stephen Knight He brought me from the dark into the light allowing me to link my childhood memories to criminal modus operandi of current Australian government officials. He died aged 33 soon after ''The Brotherhood'' his exposé book on global Freemasons. Despite the official cause of his death, in my mind responsibility will always rest at the feet of the Freemasons who control all aspects of government in our allied countries, falsely alleged democracies.

    Stephen Knight died in Argyllshire Scotland, the birth area and marriage area of both my Scottish ancestors who immigrated to Queensland Australia in 1864, James MacLachlan and Jane MacGregor.




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