Psychopaths in Medicine

    Lets concentrate on my Medicare Australia professional consultation with Australian registered medical doctor and England immigrant Alison Barbara Jane Cole (there's a few Alison Cole's registered by AHPRA) who claims to be a specialist medical practitioner with a ''special'' interest in skin conditions.

    Her role was to examine me to certify if my leg/s were fit enough to allow me to hold a driving licence in South Australia, on request of Department of Transport authority (RTA) after the State police sent my application to reassess my low speed infringement which they refused to consider, in breach of the legislation under which I made the application (see below). 

    On request of RTA, I booked an appointment so they could send the doctor the papers which included a 'Certificate of Fitness' the doc had to complete, in relation to the proper movement of my legs. RTA refused to email the papers directly to me. I booked a (long) double appointment so the doc could perform this task easily.

    The medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane COLE wanted to concentrate on my claim I had an implant in my forehead. She never attempted to examine my forehead, apart from looking at me at double arms length in her chair. instead she googled my website the asked me to point out the photo. I informed her she wasn't ''in'' my website as she was still in the google screen.

    Inside (this) website Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane COLE exclaimed the lumps on my forehead in the photos you also see in this website book, she said, ''That's muscle'' paused then said, ''I think that's a skin condition''.

    So I said, ''Great, problem solved, now refer me to a skin specialist.'' 

    Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole gave me a long gaze I shit you not, she closed her eyelids so tight they were little slits and you couldn't see any part of her eyeball at which point I involuntarily laughed as she looked so childish.

    Then she said, ''No, I think you have a mental illness because you think it's an implant.''

    I responded, ''But I just agreed with you.''

    Then she said, ''No, I 'm saying you have a mental illness.''

    I refrained from responding. I was a bit afraid of her irrationality what she'd do next would not be rational so I remained quiet so as not to inadvertently provoke her to lash out at me further.

    Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole then examined my perfect mechanically working legs asking me where it hurts, I told her, ''Only hurts where that lump is there.''  She ignored the lump and conceded on the mechanical movements of my legs and whether I could life my leg to a 90 degree angle while lying on my back because you always do that in a car when you're driving (not). She acted disappointed that I'm still very flexible and had no problem lifting my legs vertical at 60 something. Then she took my blood pressure and acted disappointed that it was perfect. 

    Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole informed me, ''I don't think I can complete the certificate'' as in her own words, ''I need to consult with the licensing authority.''

    I laughed, repeated what she just said and asked ''You need to ask the licensing authority about a medical issue?

    To which she responded without any hesitation, ''Yes, and I'm instructing you not to drive as I think you have a mental illness.''

    I replied, ''You have to do what your conscious tells you.''

    She repeated herself a few times as if she was vocalising her thoughts, or trying to provoke me to anger to self justify her criminally false medical diagnosis. I left those bits out. You could argue the legal technicality that as she is being asked by a government entity to complete a certificate that they need to make an administrative decision. Her acceptance of that request forms a contract with the Crown. Which means for that specific event n she is being legally contracted by the government. Which naturally means that, for the purpose of the Certificate of Fitness and my medical examination that I recorded, and transcribed above, Medical doctor Alison Barbara Jane Cole was a representative of the State government of South Australia, also known as a Government Public Officer bound by the many elements ALL GPOs are, including criminal abuse of office pursuant to section 251, Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA). Gotta love a half-wit so much entertainment.

    So that's what a psychopath with a Bachelor of Medicine sounds like in Australia.

    Having a university degree in your name doesn't automatically make you intelligent. Maybe you cheated maybe you didn't only you know. To quote (probably) Winston Groom the author of the book the film Forest Gump is based on, ''Stupid is as stupid does.''




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