The ultimate betrayal is at the hands of the people who run your own country. People who actively stop you from protecting yourself from their violence. All the government's people in Janette's life are like one huge onion, you peel back layer after layer of their well organised fraud and deceit concealing a multiplicity of medical crimes. The epitome of serious organised crime.

21 Feb 2018 onward into 2018

prima facie crime (correct until proved otherwise) with the two elements of a crime: actus reus (guilty act) and mens rea (guilty mind)


Noarlunga housing staff acted in an unlawful conspiracy with Noarlunga mental health staff over several years. Noarlunga housing staff are mentioned by name in the Noarlunga mental health records attached to my name that I secured through a Freedom of Information Act application in 2018


Noarlunga housing staff illegally gained access to the inside of my residence in 2018 by (tort of) deceit and contrary to the purpose of section 5 Residential Tenancies Act (SA) which expressly directs interaction between Noarlunga housing tenants and Noarlunga housing staff.


Noarlunga housing staff told my house sitter during one of many unlawful trespasses gained by deceit in words to the effect that ‘emergency service people might need to break into my house via the windows to rescue me in the event of a fire.’


I’ve never had a fire accident in any residence I lived in, in the past 60 years.


Considering the totality of the circumstances and the events that have occurred in my interaction with Noarlunga housing staff since I took up residence in 2008, I took those words as the unlawful threat of extreme violence.


This specific threat of violence towards me was verbalised several times on two separate days to my house sitter inside my residence and was put in writing to me via email evidently to make sure I understood. Another inference from those threatening words is that Noarlunga housing staff were saying they were reminding me that one day I will die, and they want my death to be at their hands.


My 2018 Freedom of Information Act application result provided copious documents that expressly named and identified the persons participating in the unlawful conspiracy by Noarlunga mental health staff and Noarlunga housing staff, where the unlawful acts agreed to in this unlawful conspiracy are multiple defamations, multiple assaults multiple false documents, multiple intimidations and multiple threats of violence that also involved multiple months of multiple unlawful battery and false imprisonment.


Another element to the threat of physical violence is that despite knowing I would not be home, and knowing I have security cameras on my front letterbox, Noarlunga housing staff sent (in breach of s5 Residential Tenancies Act) two healthy looking young men in their 30s to “visit me” a small framed non-violent 62 year old woman, just to personally slip a calling card in my letterbox. Both white skinned with black hair, the same height and build, they dressed in identical black clothing and shoes evidently so that they would be seen as almost indistinguishable (unless you had a camera on them) and apart from one word in white writing in the front of the sweatshirt worn by one. And despite that there had been no complaints about me from any other residents other than the neighbour across the road with the unlawful surveillance camera on my driveway for the past three years acting out his unlawful vendetta because I complained about him keeping me under unlawful surveillance.


In the past 10 years the only people to visit from Noarlunga housing have been an equally nonthreatening unaccompanied woman around my general age.


22 January 2014 onward into 2014

prima facie crime (correct until proved otherwise) with the two elements of a crime: actus reus (guilty act) and mens rea (guilty mind)


Without any prior medical investigations to rule out the probability that I had been surgically raped in the 1990s, the Noarlunga and other Flinders state mental health staff who violently and unlawfully assaulted and battered me and falsely imprisoned me for several months under Mental Health Act, had also illegally drugged me multiple times and attempted to brainwash me multiple times into believing that I was not surgically raped in the 1990s. That says a lot about their state of mind.


1990s Surgical Rape Crimes

prima facie crime (correct until proved otherwise) with the two elements of a crime: actus reus (guilty act) and mens rea (guilty mind)


The people who surgically raped me in Wollondilly Shire in the 1990s illegally drugged me to interrogate me to steal my inner secrets where they discovered to know that I was actively repressing the memory of being betrayed by my friends in 1971 and raped when I was 15.


They used that knowledge in anticipation that I would repress being betrayed by my partner Owen Hall and believe he was involved in my surgical rape. That says a lot about their state of mind.


When you're in a court of law the truth rarely matters, all the government is interested in is what you can prove, it’s on that basis that government people have evidently bribed others to lie about what even a fool could see, you can only make someone look the fool when they are the fool.


Any implant is attacked by your immune system causing the implant to become coated with gunge. I have probably close to 10kg of immune system response gunge inside me, weighing me down, coating the illegal implants inside me, causing swelling, heat, pressure on nerves and muscles and associated restricted movement ALL of which Australian medical doctors I've consulted criminally refuse to acknowledge so here's more criminal court worthy evidence.

News Flash: It's the same in every country across the globe, there's only 3 types of people: those who happily expose the criminal

activities in, (our Labor and Liberal) government; those who are too stupid to see it; those so evil they support it. At the risk of insulting the majority - there is no 4th option; 'don't care' is either stupid or evil. Who are you? Happy Stupid or Evil.

Evil South AUSTRALIA Health opposition spokesperson Chris Pictom MP & Bruce Thomas Lander QC both think you're stupid.

ABOVE: is your doctor secretly telling the government you have a mental illness that you don't have? Click on image above for Medicare Australia's item numbers and fee schedule as at 2010 - see "02713" the GP mental health previously secret Medicare item number.

Depending on the documents I've published here you'll notice a consistent reference by government public officers, (GPOs) to investigative authorities not taking up my applications to investigate any of these criminal actions by state doctors, (GPOs) or private medical doctors. Many may not realise that the alleged 'health watchdog' Health & Community Service Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC) are actually public servants, identified by their inclusion in the Australian Business Number 97643356590 which is the state department of health whose registered name constantly changes under this ABN.

An interesting point to note that the, (federal) government has announced that from 1 November 2023, ABN Lookup will not display trading names and will only display registered business names, which will hide from the public eye, whether ot not an entity is a government or private entity so you won't know who to sue when they do something in breach of Australian law as they rarely display their ABN in an obvious place for the average person to see. Some of you may not have wised up to the reality that the 2 major political parties are exactly same when it comes to a predisposition to act with significant criminality in public office.

I find it unimaginably incomprehensive that a sane human could intentionally inflict such long-term pain on another human for any reason. A qualified medical doctor who; creates a false document intended for government record that is expressly intended to defame their patient; and in doing so denies their patient lifesaving medical services; all during the medical doctor’s engagement as registered medical practitioner; is not a person of good character if not born in Australia, they should be stripped of Australian citizenship and deported post-haste. Otherwise they should spend the rest of their natural life in prison Mr Loftus and friends.


In the absence of any prevarication on my part, whatsoever, it appears on face value that every personal attack on me was born from the attacker's ego fuelled jealously of me or else a psychotic mental deficiency of the attacker. Being a modest person I'd wager on the latter. Best described generally as overpaid spineless lowlife parasites.


Like everyone else, I presumed everyone else would react to the facts in the same way I do. With logic, in honesty and not distort or lie about the facts. I was wrong, most people don't act and react in honesty, like I do. I've discovered the ones who cry foul the loudest and suppress or redact the facts are generally the biggest liars and tend to prosper in line with their lies as inferred in this website. Another think I've noticed in Adelaide civil court judiciary between 2007 and 2010, any accusation I made about the government public officers who physically harmed me, the judges or magistrates took personal offence, not heard the evidence impartially as they are supposed to and falsely claimed in the face of the court open to the public that a writ of Mandamus (ordering government public officers to perform duties they must under statute) was not Australian law. Hopefully with a new head of the court came a new honesty. Time will tell.


The reality this website exposes proves that I am one of many Australians locked into a modern type of criminally enforced 'slavery' to the Australian government and their funded medical industry, subjected to enforced 'human trafficking' by being virtually 'sold' into this modern slavery by Australian Government Public Officers who illegally refuse to allow me 'integrity of person' which is mine by 'natural right' as an Australian citizen because whilst others are allowed to have their implants removed, I'm not as government backed psychopathic medical doctors falsely and criminallyrefuse to acknowledge my illegal implants even exist despite the irrefutable evidence. I'm forced to litigate to TRY to get access to my natural rights to integrity of person which means Australia is no democracy.


Here's food for thought. If every corporation has a legal identity, can sue and be sued, can own assetts in their name, and no person or entity is above the law - then why is it that the courts REFUSE to let you sue the Labor Party and the Liberal Party for their party decisions or sanctioned and approved actions when in government? The courts protect the political parties as if they are the Head of our fictitious Australian Royal Crown.

RE: Hendi v Commonwealth of Australia (No 3) linked as the refugee civil case above. The plaintiffs, (the Hendi family) are legally represented as (past or current) refugees by Shine Lawyers who have a 'no win no fee' price policy. Australia's Shine Lawyers have refused to represent me on any matter in this website. Noting that this is the third Hendi family civil court lawsuit against the Crown, of the Commonwealth of Australia in the Civil Court with the addition of “(no 3)” the burning question under the current custom in Australian government, where the Courts are one of the 3 tiers of government, (legislation, executive, judiciary) the question every Australian should be asking is, 'was this entire State court process intended to be a political charade from start to finish?'



  1. The Court? NSW State Supreme Court.
  2. Who controls the NSW State Government in state parliament? Labor Party.
  3. Who is the largest defendant? Liberal Party.
  4. Who controls the Federal Government in federal parliament? Liberal Party.
  5. What is the 'political' component of the plaintiff's background statement? At point “9” - “No part of their claims relates to the period after 7 March 2011 when they were released from detention.”
  6. How long has the Labor Party been in control of NSW State government in parliament? Since the 26 March 2011 State election.
  7. How long has the Liberal Party been in control of Australia’s federal government in parliament? Since the 7 September 2013 federal election.



Prima facie evidence, (on the current evidence) says a huge YES it was a political civil court decision. The courts time is dominated by political show ponies and worthy cases like mine where my Australian born family and myself have suffered physical and financial and psychological criminal atrocities at the hands of multiple government public officers and party nominated elected representatives in our own parliaments over decades as opposed to months of alleged suffering by the Hindi family who were released from Labor Party federal government detention days before the NSW State election clearly only with premeditated to give political advantage to Labor Party at the NSW state polls, had nothing to do with Australian law and human rights.


Which established just cause to be able to sue the highly funded political party in control of the parliament not the Federal or State Crown, so the political party is penalised for the wrongs of their party, not the people with court awarded compensation from public money which is the case now ensuring the political parties will continue to screw us over because they are never held accountable for their political crimes. Under the Torrens system of land ownership, is a sale made by a fraudulent deception is 'brought home' to the purchaser their indefeasibility of title is not upheld. Therefore - so it should also be with political parties who commit crimes or civil offences in the name of government when in control of government in parliament. The party should not be allowed to hide behind the umbrella of 'the Crown' paying for the party's political crimes and civil wrongs. Parliament must legislate to protect public money from political abuse. See why they hate me?


Under such a system parliament has no legal justification to limit compensation as we have seen recently under the restrictions imposed under the various state Defamation Act reforms and other civil compensation reforms which are in effect unconstitutional as the current 'Crown' is a Claytons Crown, they are not a royal family, yet the Australian political parties all enjoy protection of 'the Crown' when in control of parliament which is a blatant political fraud and in breach of the intent of the Magna Carta.



On the evidence, the Commonwealth Solicitor General is legally obligated to issue a summons suing the corporation known as the Australian Labor Party for all costs and compensations associated with the Hendi V Commonwealth Nos 1, 2, and 3. To do anything less is financial mismanagement of Commonwealth assets.


My Australian born, (and recent in the scheme of things) English, Scottish, Irish and French descendant family, and myself, would qualify as political refugees elsewhere based on the irrefutable evidence in this website. Highlighting I was refused a court hearing for police brutality and false arrest that sees me with a still untreated, dislocated shoulder and dislocated thumb since 2 May 2007 and my children suffering multiple mental health issues over our abuse with no history of mental illness in our known extended family in any way whatsoever. Forcing me to embark on a university legal degree when others of my generation are in full time retirement, just to access my legal rights by virtue of my citizenship by multi-generational birth.


Unlike the Hendi family and all global refugees or financial immigrants, I chose not to betray my birth country and run. I choose to act just like many of my ancestors before my Australian immigrant, (England, Scotland, Ireland and France born) ancestors. I choose to stand my ground and stay in my country to fight for my rights and the rights of my country's people, despite the odds, because my side is the right side, legally and morally and ethically and yes politically right in the public interest all Australian people. My fighting spirit should be celebrated not treated with abhorrence or loathing and fear with all associated forms of outlawing, as I have been. Advance Australia Fair? I am not a legally free person, I’m not even recognised as a person in my own country.


You'll notice the bulk of this website does not make any accusations of wrong or personal judgements based on my personal moral principles. My writings only make non-judgemental observation or documentation of fact backed by government or other official expert record.


But I will make this very personal political observation, I don't profess to know anything about British politics, but I know enough about politics generally to know that Australia will persist in refusing to recognise Scottish people and their descendant Australian citizens as a separate cultural identity, so long as the majority of Scotland's citizens refuse to seek independence from England. Politically speaking, Australia is still England's [arsehole] derrière. That's why Scottish societies in Australia can't get cultural funding from the Australian government. Its 100% political.


Now let me see did I leave anything out? I have evidence of reasonable access to prior knowledge of illegal implants in my head and legs, check, evidence of lack of medical investigation of my claims of illegal implants, check, evidence that medical practice used to classify me insane when I complained about harmful and life-threatening detrimental effects of implants is not the accepted standard for addressing harms caused by implants legal or non-legal, check, evidence that duty of care exists, check, evidence of quantifiable actual harm, check, hard evidence of malice aforethought, check, applicable local laws, check, case law, check, expert evidence, check, made several attempts to settle out of court that have been unreasonably ignored, check, studied Tort law, check, studied Advocacy, check. Great time for a court date.


Hope you had a safe New Years, will see y'all real soon. Vivre la Janette Francios.

Now that technology presents with almost limitless possibilities its more important than ever to swiftly address security breaches of illegal human implants with stringent and tough criminal law penalises, without exception.

Medical Crime 20 years of illegal Implant Damage

Lets briefly explain the depth of the depravity of your government public officers and medical industry personnel in Adelaide Australia where I've attempted to have these items removed since I came here in 2004, after the claimed, 'strictly' government controlled medical implants were illegally implanted in Sydney Australia in the 1990s.

There are at least three, (3) illegal implants in my lower abdomen. I control each separately with magnets to prevent them vibrating in my sleep keeping me awake. As it is I can only half sleep making sure they remain in place.

When I say 'magnets' I mean the very strong ones at the back of domestic audio speakers. I would imagine all three can be seen in task appropriate radiology, including the implant cables encircling my legs multiple times as another one across the bridge of my nose part of the suite of illegal implants that cause damaging vibrations in my face was captured in radiology, but not reported by that Government Public Officer in the Noarlunga public hospital.

  1. One is on my diaphragm area just below my heart, its job is to sharply contact (or jerk) to force my lungs to inhale rapidly, when that happens without the strong magnet, my rapid inhalation causes another implant to start rapidly vibrating. This implant has linked cables through which I feel the sensation of electricity sparking along its length wrapped around my torso at my bra line this one was illegally implanted when I was an elected Wollondilly Shire local government councillor circa 1997.
  2. Another vibrating illegal implant is not far away its behind my belly button, I'm not sure if it's linked to the implant cable over my left hip just under my skin. This one was illegally implanted when I was resident in my (39 William Street The Oaks) Government guaranteed Torrens real estate property subsequently stolen by illegal loan that the government have refused to allow me to seek compensation for, this all happened when I was pregnant in 1991.
  3. The third vibrating illegal implant used to roam free around my intestines. The pair taking my 5 May 2007 MRI of my head were in on the demented gag, going by what they were doing. When I was in the magnetic chamber they decided to bring to roaming illegal implant to the surface of my skin pretending like it wanted to burst out of my stomach like in the movie Alien. I suspect they were disappointed when I refused to react, having a pure logic brain I knew it was a prank, but demonstrates the mental perversion I have to deal with from Australian medical doctors. Its now lodged its constantly vibrating self near my left ovary so now I have not only been surgically raped many time, they forcing me to constantly endure the sensation that I'm being literally sexually penetrated and genitally raped with that entire area vibrating because of the illegal implant - where its remote control must be in the hands of one of my residential neighbours as these medical implant remotes are intended to be in the hands of the implant host. This is the odd one out as this one appears to have been implanted when I was illegally kidnapped from my residence in 21 Cessnock Street, Branxton when I was home alone as my children were ordered to visit their dad during his Family Court process circa 2001.

You’ll identify potassium deficiency in the Canary Island Palm by pale color or spotting of the oldest fronds. As deficiency progresses frond tips get brown and brittle. Your tree has a magnesium deficiency if you see lemon yellow bands along the outer margins of older leaves. Sometimes trees have both potassium and magnesium deficiencies at the same time.


Australian medical practitioners participating in this medical fraud are 100% worse than 1%er 'outlaw bikies' because its not customary to consult an 'outlaw bikie' about being criminally surgically raped. Isn't that right beam-me-up, Scotty Morrison?


The Prime Minister changes so often that the door should carry a safety notice, WARNING MAY REVERSE WITHOUT NOTICE. They look so squeaky clean that when you know the depravities they actually sink to on a day-to-day basis it almost makes you want to vomit. I'd be happy to defend that statement under defamation law in fact that's EXACTLY what I'm trying to provoke so I can bring attention to this inhumane situation - problem is these criminally corrupt politicians in Australia and their criminally corrupt medical doctors don't use appropriate legislation in their criminally illegal retaliations. Last time they illegally imprisoned me for MONTHS at state election time 2014 with statements by one of many criminally corrupt government psychiatrist thus:

  • "Treatment could also offer protection to public figures from harassment." (page 53) and


  • "Ms Francis is at risk of litigation, misadventure and harm to her reputation. Her online behaviour has been noted and she is vulnerable to being sued by defamed individuals." (page 107)



Name one other Australian journalist or radio DJ or any other, whose been detained under the Mental Health Act because they're “vulnerable to being sued by defamed individuals."

Clearly the evidence proves I've been treated in breach of Australian law. For medical doctors and politicians and other government public officers to deny the obvious evidence of these illegal implants as they have - is to be delusional and be a serious risk to the greater community - for the Adelaide region court registrars or judiciary to refuse me access to remedy and protection on the basis that I don't word court documents to their liking is criminal - for Council of Australian Governments to refuse to provide competent Legal Aid so I have access to my legal rights is illegally denying me my legal rights - yet they have all done these things since there was first expert radiology image evidence in Adelaide Australia on 5 May 2006 that I had illegal implants inside me and that happened in 1990s Sydney to Wollongong Australia probably involving other government public officers.

Yet refugees can sue the government for being mistreated for a significantly lessor time in a significantly lessor degree.


Why is it in Australia non-citizens get more legal protections than indiginious citizens by birth where indigenous means 'occurring naturally' my parents, all bar one of their their grandparents were born in Australia so most of us were born 'indigenous white Australians' as that's where our parents lived all their life. You'd think we were living in South Africa.

Who saw what the writers did to the charterer 'Sarah Connor' played by Linda Hamilton in the 1980s multi movie series Terminator after she killed off Arnold Schwarzenegger's evil terminator character?







Spoiler alert:

To keep their secret about the high tech human machine interface - they falsely deemed her crazy and locked her away in a maximum security mental health hospital and tried to convince her it was all in her imagination 




Great movie, but you don't expect your advanced democratic country's government to model their response to high tech security breach and theft of human interface medical research items after Arnie's Terminator movie series.




Why use your brain when its already been written isn't that right Jay Weatherill, John Rau and John Hill.




Suppose they recon Die Hard is great ethics for national police response in Australia.