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Despite the outrageous malicious lie published by Facebook troll Brenton Allen Knott, I have never been declared a vexatious litigant. Lets take a look at the (fake) problem of the vexatious litigant.


The AA published this in 2010 about one person declared a vexatious litigant, “(I'm) ready to go the International Court of Human Rights if the High Court did not deliver justice” and "I am still at it, you do not just give up when it is corrupt and unfair."


The DT published this also in 2010 about vexatious litigants generally, “Most vexatious litigants represent themselves, either because they can't find or afford a lawyer to argue their case.”


Both The AA and The DT paint the picture that a vexatious litigant is a product of a legal system that chronically fails to meet the needs of its citizens. Instead of correcting the errors in the legal system, they legal system have decided to deny justice to a “class of people.” Isn't that the epitome of a corrupt government?


Also in 2010 my civil case was thrown out of court by an Adelaide District Court judge because I refused to file a statement of claim authored by an unknown person as my own (perjury) on express instruction of the same judge. The anonymous SOC declared the government free from any guilt. My case was against the South Australia Crown for assault and battery, false arrest, and false imprisonment, from my 2 May 2007 arrest and charge for assaulting a police officer, where criminal court acquitted me automatically finding the arrest was unlawful because I was legally defending myself from the unlawful assault of a police person who had acted outside their duties as a police person. That's the incident from which I incurred a dislocated shoulder and dislocated hand (thumb) both injuries have not been treated because evidently after illegal intervention in my private medical services by government, Australian doctors have decided to pretend they can't see my injuries. Me complaining to a number of Health Ministers about being refused access to medical services for the police caused injuries and a denial of penicillin (including my local state member for Kaurna, John David Hill) resulted in me being illegally detained under the Mental Health Act on 22 January 2014 (election year). That's the epitome of political corruption.

A closer look at the judicial system in Australia tells us frustrations in the court system is more likely than not the fault of the Attorney-General and their officers of the court, not an unrepresented litigant.


  • The Attorney-General refuses to allow Legal Aid in civil cases, so a person with a genuine grievance is forced to become an unrepresented litigant under fire from professional lawyers to have them declared vexatious because they are not familiar with the court procedure or don't know hoe to articulate themselves inside the court room. Under the Corporations Act that would be deemed as "unconscionable conductbut in Australia's failing court system it's "best practice".


  • A person unable to afford a lawyer to represent them is unable to get any free legal advice on HOW to sue the Crown because funding for free legal advice across Australia comes from the government. So we have justice denied before a self-represented litigant even gets into the court room.


  • Judges allow defence lawyers to prolong their defence in the hope the plaintiff will give up.


  • In my own experience, its the Crown Solicitor who refuses to accept liability is a civil suit they have no legal hope of defending against a competent lawyer forcing an unrepresented litigant into the court system in the hope they can have them declared vexatious.


  • Judges procrastinate on a decision because its in someone's political interest to do so.


That's the definition of a corrupt legal system.





  1. "Two judges and the outgoing Supreme Court master had taken a year-and-a-half or more to write and deliver decisions on 14 cases by June 30, according to a list of the court's reserved judgments obtained by Fairfax Media."
  2. The AA 2010 The AA Government targets unrepresented litigants.pdf
  3. The DT 2010 The DT Making a mockery of the law.pdf


People like Facebook groupie Brenton Allen Knott appear to be moulded and entwined in our community to be virtual Judas Goats – doubting Thomas' who call the truth a lie (sorry I'm atheist) people wound up by someone or something other than reality to prevent the full debth of reality being exposed to the greater population. As I've written many times I can prove 100% a huge majority of what I write in this website the rest is proved in circumstantial evidence, on the balance of probability which includes the alleged malicious irrationality of Brenton extracting snippets of my words out of context as being premeditated defamation from a much bigger picture.


Recently I made a consumer complaint to the state government Attorney-General's department Consumer Complaint website which has no facility for uploading evidence. A very young person took my complaint and refused it on the basis of my name only. The attorney-General is responsible for enforcing state criminal law. Police minister is only responsible for the actions of the police when they enforce those laws. The Attorney-General tells the Crown solicitor (civil law) and the Public Prosecutor (criminal law) what to do.



So lets look at the ongoing problem of illegal human research correctly described as Medical Crime which in the past has been supported by the Attorney-General of the relevant State (who, in the politics of it, declined to enforce State criminal law to stop them) and the false imputations of trolls at 'Onkaparinga Council Watch on Facebook' in reference to my (obvious 100% perfect) mental health. When I was illegally held under the Mental Health Act (election time 2014) the GPO said “the” minister, she didn't say which minister or which government..


To the side are several links taking you to respected authorities and real life PROVEN episodes in history of illegal medical research conducted by Government Public Officers including some Australians, in Australia, including the Adelaide University's secret criminal experiments on defenceless babies evidently approved by a South Australian Attorney-General. The badge image indicates the medical crimes were common knowledge, the dual currency indicates the proximity to the 1966 Australia currency changeover from pounds to dollars which happened the year I turned 10 years old, the linked story comes from the National Museum Australia. When I was 11 years old I suffered an injury to my brain the cause to me was unknown the injury caused me to constantly shiver for days despite that I wasn't cold, like most doctors and politicians in that period of time, my dad was a Freemason who have long been interested in medical research. As an adult I know my shuddering was an injury to my brain from the sudden onset injury when I woke one morning and medicine the doctor told my mother to give to me - kelp tablets. all the evidence (which means other thing not yet discussed in this website) strongly suggests Its possible I'm part of a long-term ongoing commonwealth medical experiments which not having my permission is a medical CRIME. Its apparent to me they used electric shock on my brain to try to make me forget I'd seen the rape and murder of 2 children my age circa 1967 inside the Masonic Temple where my dad was a member in Allman Street, Campbelltown NSW.


We all know the sickening truth of illegal or criminal government practices usually only surface decades after the fact often well after all those involved have long died. I don't plan to wait that long.


Naturally I can't precisely identify ALL the potentially hundreds of mutant freaks involved in illegal experiments on me and others which started in late 1980s. Considering the current governments refuse to admit liability for their illegal actions towards me in the recent past, (freely given in writing) that intellectual incapacity to admit when they're wrong is enough circumstantial evidence to indicate these criminal experiments are ongoing, with as multiple Australian GPOs still harbouring the human rights criminals, illegally protecting their identity in actions defined as criminal abuse of their public office and misappropriating government resources to keep their dirty little secrets under wraps. Just like sleazy paedophiles.


These GPOs and medical doctors literally are not human any more, they've evolved into monster mutants who've no mental or moral capacity for acting on empathy. Psychopaths with a keen interest in the effects of persistent pain and suffering they're inflicting upon me and others like me illegally selected as their victims in these (herewith proven) human rights crimes.


These mutants act as if they believe they and their 'medical crimes' are more important than any one of the rest of us, that they're superiority makes them above the law.


Evidently these people and the GPOs who assist them have delusions of grandeur in the flawed belief systems that their (crimes) work is more important than the legal rights of their victims in crime. Having overly inflated self worth is a symptom of schizophrenia. These people need to be medicated and kept in a quite dark place so they don't continue to harm the greater community with their insanity.


The radiology image to the side is proof enough I have illegal implants in my head, the big thing behind my ear that (then) Benson Radiology Ashford Hospital Adelaide Australia radiologist William Kingsley (Bill) Loftus (now working for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital) omitted to mention in his 5 May 2006 legally flawed radiologist report copied with the image of my head in MRI - which means to you that for at least 12 years I've been forced to endure illegal implants in my head. To me I know they've been there longer and I know they also electrical spark into my living flesh and vibrate everything in their close proximity causing skin burns and lots of pain and discomfort 24/7.


Human medical crimes will only stop when YOU become outraged. Then again you actually need to be human to become outraged by sadistic human medical experiments.


Can't stop the music? Now you know how I feel every minute of every day. You can turn the sound off but I can't.




Just in case the links to unethical human experiments mysteriously disappear like my access to edit this website does from time to time I've saved them in PDF








It was also at the Adelaide University medical practice where senior citizen and Australian registered general medical doctor Simon James SPEDDING who illegally refused me penicillin for infection in my head on 19 October 2011 see video link left, South Australia's politically elected State Attorney-General refuses to admit liability for SPEEDING'S illegal actions in refusing me access to medical services intended to cause me death or serious harm, despite being caught red handed, so to speak.


Of the 3 Attorney-Generals involved by appointment of office in my harms since I came to South Australia for sanctuary from my New South Wales medical criminal assailants, 2 came from Labor party and one from Liberal party which makes it a bipartisan political conspiracy to commit (inhuman) human rights crimes in South Australia in breach of the federal government's Criminal Code contained in the Criminal Code Act 1995.


The Federal police are controlled by  the Minister for Home Affairs who is also Minister for Immigration, but the federal legislation (law) the Criminal Code, its enforcement in under the control of the Federal Attorney-General who like the state Attorney-General is also a Minister in their parliament.


Having NEVER done anything illegal or immoral I'm also not ashamed to be a "whole truth" sort of person which sucks for them.




Some people are corporate people, team players who dutifully abide by the company culture even if it means stabbing their team member in the back.

I'm a people person I actually give a damn.


  • None of my evidence in this website has seen the inside of a criminal or civil court.


  • None of my medical evidence of fraud and cover up has been investigated by ANY medical expert. None.


  • If I don't litigate the community will presume all the lies are true.


  • Adelaide Australia Legal Aid says the Prime Minister and Premiers refuse to allow civil litigation funded under Legal Aid. Therefore all criminally minded government public officers need do to harm an innocent person is to keep them unemployed and impoverished so they can't sue anyone, specifically the government.


There's nothing wrong with civil litigation its there to protect our legal rights. But it is of serious concern to Australians rights when hoards of politically minded people rant at local council level that civil litigation is wrong.  More serious concern is the fact this lawless angry mob have the ear of the Adelaide Australia news media outlets. The same people who refuse to publish my news forcing me to create this website so I might rectify the many false defamations spread about me.


If the people followed the rules others would not be forced to complain to a higher power.


Generally I found there is a small group of people who are decent and a huge majority of Australians in government circles, maggots, intent on making my life hell, because they can.


Just because Australian police falsely arrested and imprisoned Lindy Chamberlain that didn't make her guilty. A huge percentage of the population I knew at the time decided she was guilty of the murder of baby Azaria in 1980 even before the evidence went to court, she served some years in prison before a criminal court found her guilty.


From my observation there's a psychosis prominent in the human species, some must get an endorphin rush from malicious gossip making them believe irrational claims as truth. I thank my lucky genetics that I'm different, I always look at the logic of any situation.


Lindy was acquitted when it came to light the forensic blood evidence was carpet glue amongst a number of other factors. The Northern Territory Australia government still refuse to admit their errors. The evidence followed by her pardon inferred Lindy Chamberlain was found guilty to protect our tourism industry, specifically tourism to Alice Springs. Wankers globally still make dingo jokes. Lindy was released in 1986.


In 1988 and 1989 only two or three years later probably dozens of Sydney Australia government public officers participated in the publication of a book with my stolen photo as the face of a murder victim.


Thirty years later I'm still paying a heavy price for their premeditated crime. If the internet was around in 1980 Lindy and her husband would have been met with the sorts of false and defamatory statements on Facebook and other social network websites that I have (see yellow card below.)  If I don't litigate the community will presume all their lies are true


  • Some mistake can never be corrected.


The court of public opinion has no jurisdiction in Australia, yet there's a vocal number of narrow-minded viscous vindictive gossiping back-stabbing Adelaide residents who've decided I have serious mental health issues because I complain about government political corruption then prove it irrefutably on this website. These anti-Australians don't care one of their own is physically suffering visible injury (torture) because I've been illegally refused my legal right to due process of law. To those people, this song may have just as well been written about  YOU  Harper Valley PTA


Next month we celebrate mental health week it'll be just another excuse for the health department to lie about being honest with Australians about illegal human experiments. No wonder so many people with real metal health issues are dying to get away from the unjustified hatred from the likes of Adelaide and Onkaparinga people who gossip about me behind my back sneering and sniggering at me in their 'Adelaide pride' sanctimonious way evidently perfected after years of obvious effort, as they openly publicly criminally defame me debating amongst themselves whether people with mental illness should be allowed to stand for election, adding to the discrimination I'm targeted with as I try to have a half decent life and participate in activities or access services within my community.


Mental health issues include eating disorders depression anxiety and any phobia you can name, delusion is defined as the inability to see proven facts as proven facts.


Thanks to my lucky genetics I'm 100% free from mental illness but I'm quite happy to fight for their rights in court in the near future. After which I'll be rubbing my hands in glee all the way to my bank.


When I vote in the 2018 council election I'll be checking out whose aligned with Onkaparinga Council Watch to make sure I don't vote for them. Because my postman ignores my NO JUNK MAIL letterbox sign to regularly deposit Labor party propaganda, even when he has no addressed mail for me - I won't be trusting Australia Post with my council postal vote. I'm using the ballot box inside my council office.


in the words of Onkaparinga Council Watch's admin (see orange colour card below) Yvonne Wenham an Onkaparinga council ex-councillor some 957 members were reading above posts with 8,500 views presumably from non-members, however, only 1 person in this government watchdog community group publicly protested about the above posts containing (alleged) criminal defamation, apart from the defamed person.


Beware potential Australian TOURISTS 8,498 of 8,500 politically focused Australians in Adelaide will happily refuse to respect your legal rights, support government obstruction of your legal rights, and mock you if you claim you've been harmed by assault or terrorism. Sounds like a war zone to me.


Gary the Goat


Adelaide Australia news media are concerned its more important to publish a public debate on a proposal of an Onkaparinga Council Watch member and council election candidate, pondering on the importance of council erecting a brass statue to commemorate the life of Gary the goat, than to publish the criminal antics of their own State government. Yes, our Gary is a real live billy goat whose been adopted by a mob of kangaroos in Seaford Meadows (my local commmunity not my Council Ward but) on land sold by state government for private intense housing development, with no jobs for the new residents but lots of new rate bills for State government via the council. All the newspaper published is stories on saving Gary the goat, not the human issues.


The person calling for the 'Gary' statue doesn't live in Gary the goat's residential Ward, or standing for election in that Ward, so there's no way he'll get votes from Gary's supporters. So logically Adelaide Advertisert, Adelaid's major newspaper should have asked themselves what's the story there?  Looks like the 'Gary' saga is more of a State planning cover up than an exposé.


A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Mmmm that's food for thought.


Yes Gary is important, but social problems from intense human housing farms with no jobs for miles and miles are much bigger issues. One would think. A real risk of future ghettos especially so as we're landlocked by the ocean on one side a peninsular to the south in another council area, and green pasture hills on the other side. No jobs to cater for the influx of young families in their thousands.


One would be forgiven if they thought ex-councillor WENHAM's Onkaparinga Council Watch is stirring up bad political press for the Council, aided by the local newspaper office, for the specific purpose of covertly supporting State government in their unabated unrealistic development of green pasture farming land next to the ocean, when there is literally hundreds of acres up north on semi arid land much better suited to a housing sprawl and closer to large existing industrial and commercial areas that have the capacity of job creation with proper financial incentives from the very same state government.



Nonfeasence & Misfeasance


It appears that in the 2010s Adelaide's state government may be suffering the same sort of Tourism fears that their mates across the desert in Northern Territory suffered in 1980s when they criminally defamed Lindy and Michael Chamberlain (see story right).


Following are 4 links to 4 PDF in group of 5 PDF above photo of Labor party member John David Hill and the one of myself. These four letters are two recent letters that I emailed to our state Crown Solicitor in Adelaide and their two response, the fifth is a link to same government response to my two letters to the Crown Solicitor.


For some inexplicable reason my emails to interstate and SACCL Council of Civil Liberties lawyers seeking representation to sue the Crown on matters in below letters have not been acknowledged. Or most lawyers are aresoles. 


Evidently the SACCL is funded through Flinders University whose Legal Advice Clinic in 2016 sent copy of their legal advice to me to the person I was getting legal advice about my right to sue, and a Christies Beach Magistrate deemed that it was legal for a lawyer to breach confidentiality of their client in that way when its a state government entity. The magistrate was strongly affiliated to Flinders University. Chances are SA Council of Civil Liberties have no relationship to protection South Australian's civil liberties at all. They're just another South Australia State government big fat lie.


Under the circumstances any reasonable person would suspect my emails have been illegally intercepted?


Logically such a Commonwealth communication interception crime would be perpetrated by public officers on behalf of the State of South Australia.


My landlord, also the State of South Australia are now demanding (in email dated 9 September 2018) that I do certain unreasonable tasks to my residential rental during the 2018 council election campaign period, under express thereat of eviction if I fail, see About State Housing email.


One lawless action after another, bumper to bumper Adelaide crime.


About State Housing email


  • The room they call a lounge room with "blankets" is a bedroom.


  • The bedroom they describe with "clutter" is the same storage room I've had for past 10 years. The “flammable liquids” is two stroke oil in their original supermarket plastic bottles. Presumably you're not allowed to store cooking oil or hairspray or sugar inside the house as they are also flammable.


  • The carport has a constant circulationn of air with two sides totally open. Third side has a roller door affixed facing the front yard, the last wall is brick, that's the house wall where the single bed slats and wood floor shelf are that's about 50cm away from the brick wall. Sometimes you smell mild fumes when you stand over to my relatively new petrol edge trimmer. There's nowhere else to store it apart from in the rain. The alleged "fire hazard" would be the slats from single bed recently dismantled and a wood floor shelf to store items out of the rain. The houses own pine timber frame, paint on chalkboard wall linings and architraves are just as much a fire hazard as the things I own. Cooking fat deposits in the roof cavity from years of cooking steam exhaust into the roof cavity above gas flame stove from a poorly installed ceiling fan that was there when I moved in would be a much higher risk of spontaneous combustion.


  • Reference to CCTV cameras are to protect me from illegal (criminal) government public officer assault, as supplied to the same State government in a current civil law dispute. I was given inferred consent in writing for the security cameras by a housing officer in 2016. The cables Tobias saw were very thin AV security camera cables poked through window opening with cables across the floor under small floor mats.


  • The reference to a "mesh screen" in my driveway is a privacy particition built as a hinged shadecloth gate on a single pole. This is my response to try to get some privacy from my (alleged) pervert neighbour, linked to the Flinders University Legal Advice Clinic which was a complaint about my neighbour's alleged tort of 'private nuisance' he erected security cameras one specifically pointed down my driveway which Housing SA staff admitted my neighbour had no permission to install but had not been told to remove it.


  • They have unlawfully frustrated and refused my prior application to erect a backyard shed and fence while allowing my (driveway camera) neighbour to increase the height of his fence and TV antenna (both) in breach of their advertised SA Housing Trust policy again, he's NOT been told to remove these either.


Where's my current state member in parliament on these state government activities? The one who took over in Kaurna from John David Hill in 2014. He sits in his Seaford Meadows office up the road in total silence despite that I saw him in person politely giving him this website address on a business card when he was campaigning for state election earlier in 2018.  Labor party's member for Kaurna Christopher Picton MP sees nothing wrong here. Same as John David Hill and his staff at their Kaurna office in Christies Beach 2012. To be fair, what are the Liberal State government parliamentarians doing about their own state government activities? Answer: Publicly they're sitting on the same fence as Christopher Picton. I hope it has lots of sharp splinters.


I love life's little quirks


Labor party faithful who after participating in my multiple criminal assaults had me illegally dismissed from my elected councillor office (1995-1999) so they didn't have to take responsibility for their criminal actions, in their mind anyway. That was Wollondilly Shire Council which is located in Picton NSW, the Mayor was a Christine who nominated me as Deputy Mayor, but I turned it down as I had no faith in the councillors as a group, I was ashamed to be associated with them. In Wollondilly the councillor's voted for their Mayor every year. I had nominated as Mayor in the hope I might be able to change the culture for the better, but due to a high concentration of Labor party politics in both the council office and the chamber of councillors that was not to happen. It was so Labor intense (pun intended) that the only Liberal party member (Daniel Relyea) resigned from council office in his second year being replaced by another Labor left faction party member.



I'm a big picture person. 1990s research claimed on average men are only psychologically capable of seeing what's immediately before them and the near future, which is how government is traditionally structured. In stark contrast women are able to see the big picture and the effects of actions or inaction on a wider perspective over a longer period of time. Perhaps an imperative for protecting their young.


First things first. The existence of your local council is not in the Australian Constitution. Council has a chamber not a parliament. There is no parliamentary privilege in the council chamber enjoyed by state and federal parliament. Parliaments have an opposition to the government in state and Federal parliament but council does NOT. Council is NOT a government. That's one big fat party politics lie I'd like to clear up. The lie is so entrenched that after every local council election the Council staff give lessons to the newly elected council members to enlighten them on the political reality of local councils.


Lets look at the evidence. Again for the slower ones Local Council's are not a government they are an authority of their State government NOT a government in their own right. Local Council's have no legal authority under the constitution of Australia to make an Act (enACTment of Parliament) so they make Council bylaws instead which are rules that the State government give authority to the council to enforce.


The furphy (bare-faced lie) has been reinforced over the past 100 years with a lot of help from newspapers and the modern internet. Evidently this major political lie has its roots in early Australian politics pre-Federation, kept alive in modern times to take political heat off our beloved (sarcasm) State and Federal governments. Following are some of the government authorities who have elected or appointed members in their own Council:



Like all Australian law societies in each state or territory South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have their own Council which the members elect however they don't have a specific Act of parliament, they are however controlled under the Corporations Act 2001 (CTH) and should be ashamed for not educating the greater community on the truth about their local council and all other legal matters that Law Societies in Australia reasonably know their community are oblivious to at this point in time. Its a moral imperative to clear the air, even more so when its advantageous to maintain the status quo.



Australian governments have made it 'best practice' to deny people their rights then falsely claim they'd done nothing wrong.

Local Council Democracy


Public consultation in an inherent (legislated) part of council activity before any major planning decision is made at council level. However as council is merely an authority under State government, (not a government in its own right) any planning decision made by council can be legally overturned by State government. Pity State and Federal government weren't held to the same high standard by community action groups that  local councils are.


Councillors are responsible for seeking input from constituents when there may be any other contentious issue before the council. The consultation process is not free in a much as its another bill council has to pay therefore its financially prohibitive to consult the community on literally every single decision before council that's why you elect councillors (to be your voice) and that's why council staff are given delegated authority for some decisions. Anyone is more than welcome to communicate to their elected representative, their opinion on any issue in council business paper or any council issue generally. That's the face of local council democracy.


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