Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

unplug from the Matrix

2004 we escape from one group of sadistic NSW government terrorists rapists, to another group of sadistic ADELAIDE government terrorists and surprise surprise, Australian State law enforcement systems are protecting all, illegally government funded TERRORISTS, screw the innocents they recon. Literally.

Australian Terrorist Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed is supported in his terrorist and humanity crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia by State and Federal Australian police and their parliaments right up to the prime minister who allow his terrorist medical crimes to be funder under the Medicare Australia system and right here on this page and the rest of this website is the 100% proof of that accusation.


Not to be buried under all the hate levelled at me is the fact I can HEAR and FEEL the illegal implant in my left ear digitally pulsing in left half of my head about eight (8) times every second. That includes harsh cell destroying vibrations to my ear, eye, sinuses and my throat causing infection and bleeding. Then there's others pulsing in my belly, spine, arms and legs. As anyone who passed their science exams would know with vibration comes localised heat from the friction that is generated from the  vibration and excessively dry skin from the heat that splits my skin and excess static electricity from the friction in and around my person. It goes without saying that I know you find my physical suffering amusing, however any one of my assailants who are avid readers of my website, might care to drop me an email anonymously if you like, INFORM me exactly WHAT it is I've DONE to DESERVE such sadistic torture. TERRORISTS include all South Australia public officers in Police SA, Health SA, Transport SA and Courts SA with the latest addition being terrorist judge, Katrina Bochner. Answering inevitable "you know" response. NO I don't know.


My evidence in THIS website is a mystery that can be solved.

This is evidence of ancient "saw marks on granite" and "melted rock" mystery that can't be solved but is evidence of a prior 'extinction event' in human history where, this Sumerian evidence supports 'extinction event' theory; and the Bible Armageddon destruction stories, are evidence of verbal history. Human extinction possibly from meteor strike or invading aliens if that floats your ark.

If you'd experienced the level of unjustified and unprovoked “nastiness” that I have over the past three decades, you too would feel as conflicted as I do. I’m in two worlds, I can’t decide whether it’s because they’re ‘simple minded retarded’ or whether they’re ‘Hannibal Lecter style psychopathic’ 

mind-numbingly stupid

or pure fuking evil like these Australian TERRORISTS.

How can a person like me prove 100% that the Australian governments are an organised terrorist cell in this matter? Well its rather easy that no group in Australia will rally around me to assist me means all other Australians have been "intimidated" by the Australian governments; that I have to take the below matter to the High Court of Australia because I'm unable to have it dealt with by the policies put in place to prevent or address crime in Australia proves 100% Australia's political government is an organised terrorist cell. Because the Australian Criminal Code Act 1995 (that's the law that tells us what is a crime against the Commonwealth of Australia) tells us that the definition of a terrorist act is this:


Basic facts of this matter:
Spanning a 20 year period starting two years after the enactment of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act (1995) - In response to me complaining that I had evidence of being surgically raped (after persons falsely claimed I had faked my own death after I reported Freemason child sex crimes to Freemason police who refused to investigate their fellow Freemasons) in the same modus operandi after refusing to acknowledge the evidence I'd been surgically raped  Australian (Noarlunga based) government public officers and (private) medical doctors criminally defamed me by deeming my claims I'd been surgically raped were proof I had mental illness and illegally criminally assaulted and imprisoned me and refuse to treat or diagnose the cause of all matters linked to my illegal implants.

I've been mocked in my local Burnings store (Seaford SA) where two staff called me “crazy” on separate occasions; a staff ignored me standing next to the register at tool shop counter to serve the person standing behind me; and another physically assaulted me as I walked out the building; and the Bunnings Seaford staff who aggressively yelled at me that I “Can’t leave your vehicle there.” When he saw me walking near the drive through pickup area after I’d looked at some lengths of timber decking seconds, they had for sale there at $1 per lineal meter. (Winter 2019) It wasn’t my vehicle and I'd walked into the area where they also sell timber sleepers and treated pine logs. The 4WD was there when I walked in. Not only that he said nothing to the male who get into the same 4WD.  Not only that, I'd have to be sleepwalking in a nightmare to buy a 4WD.



Complaints to Bunnings management over the past months appears not to have, made any difference so I'll take my AU$2,000pa plus hardware private purchases elsewhere and charge the difference to the Commonwealth for refusing to halt these "terrorist acts".  From my negative experiences at Bunnings Seaford and Noarlunga it appears to me that Bunnings employ a high percentage of alcoholics who used to 'work' at being State police criminals.

In NSW Campbelltown/Ambervale Bunnings way back when it was the Hardwarehouse when going through the drive through pick up a male employee punched and broke my (charity) 'red nose' on the front of my Nissan Urvan, my young children were inside the vehicle. Management response was that as they had no security cameras in the drive through it was my word against his (the drive through was packed with customers and staff at the time) - which is the same flawed logic the current seriously criminally deluded prime minister Scott Morrison's federal police use, despite the evidence, to justify refusal to investigate my surgical rape or even the presence of the illegal implant in my head as seen in MRI radiology in 2012.

I have a question for you 'fake Christian' prime minister Scott Morrison, If its "easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” why are you and any of your fellow Christians and the Churches all ammessing personal wealth. (Matthew 19:24)

Another question: Considering you're a proven fake in your private life then how can ever anyone trust you in your political life?

Another question: If it’s not OK for regular Australians to take money under false pretences, then why is it OK for a prime minister or member of parliament to take money as parliamentarians based on the advertised presumption, they're a devout Christian? Consumer Affairs Victoria v Gibson [2017] FCA 240  Annabelle Natalie Gibson was found guilty of engaging in conduct in trade or commerce which was misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive but when a prime minister or other member of parliament or public office does it, its magically legal so long as they've more power than Senator Mary Josephine Fisher.

Considering Senator Fisher is / was a barrister I'm wondering id she is also Josephine Mary Snell a lawyer / barrister for the Government Insurance Office of New South Wales who I proved wrong in 1998 affidavit after she lied in Affidavit and face of the Sydney Supreme Civil Court (file S11125 of 1988) claiming the GIO had submitted to the court all the documents they had in my motor vehicle accident claim against the GIO that was the basis of my 1990s criminal surgical rape.

And another glaring question: Why would Labor party Attorney General Mr Rau refer for investigation as corruption the police investigation and prosecution for admitted shoplifting charges against Liberal party Senator Fisher when the same political criminal (John Rau) refused to do anything about the myriad of illegal actions of his fellow Labor party public officers (including police and the public prosecutors) who were actively illegally harming me in breach of multiple sections of multiple Australian criminal legislations? See "second shoplifting charge and resignation" at link.

So many psychopaths on the loose indicates the DOMESTIC terrorist laws should be tightly enforced.


Wearing one of my PINK political statement t-shirts that read STOP ENABLING AUSSIE NAZIS same as image below; 

  • I was insulted and mocked during the heatwave of the Christmas New Years Eve period at Seaford SA Bunnings garden exit when they searched my bags, because I had a water bottle in a cooler bag.
  • New Years Eve Noarlunga Bunnings I came back to my bicycle after a few minutes to find something puncturing my bicycle tyre which a Bunnings staff member pointed out to me adding I should “take care tonight”.


Do you know how to politely greet a stranger in business? Many Australians are rude arrogant psychopaths who think its your problem they're angry.


I presented a prescription for antibiotic the other day (27 Dec 2019) at one of my local chemists, the mature aged female attendant addressed me with her 100% automatic and ingenuine, “How are you today?” Being the honest critic that I am I responded with, “Obviously not too well.” Then noted, “I wonder why we (meaning her) greet people with that question.” She responded now notably pissed off with the sarcastic, “We say it to be polite.” At this point I knew my words were wasted on this person whose brain is a cultural wasteland of politically incorrect jargon masquerading as politeness.

If we were being polite the polite greeting would be, “Hello” or as they used to say in my parent’s day, “Good day” or “Good morning” or Good afternoon” Unless you’re a statistician, asking someone how they are is the opposite of polite, its rude and intrusive and invites an automatic lie or considered act of reasonable passive aggression.

To be polite when greeting a stranger GREET them by all means but don’t ask them a personal question and you won’t be at risk of being told to mind your own business.

I note that I was charged $1.50 more for that NHS discount prescription at the Terry White Seaford Chemist (Adelaide Australia) than I’ve been charged at other chemist or pharmacy for the (exact) same prescription. So at Terry White Seaford SA you get bad manners and higher prices. @seafordterryWhitechemmart.

Australian Terrorist

Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed

  • "the Department of Health has a role in ensuring that health professionals comply with the requirements of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and other Medicare programs such as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)"


Source: 5 January 2020


Kelly Banister (above) has advocated for women to have the GST component removed from pads and tampons. I've listened to the bullshit from privileges women like Kelly all my 60+ years of life, not one has suggested that pads and tampons should be viewed as ESSENTIAL and therefore heavily discounted on the “Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme” because that would be threatening their position in the corporate male dominated world of the male politician. Kelly Banister is one in a long line of brown nosing no-guts Liberal-Labor women in Australian politics.


Who'd like to sit on a wet or blood stained seat after a woman has had a menstrual or post childbirth bleed on it?

Pads and tampons are essential

or do we need a national demonstration to highlight the point?


  • "The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) began as a limited scheme in 1948, with free medicines for pensioners and a list of 139 ‘life-saving and disease preventing’ medicines free of charge for others in the community. Today the PBS provides timely, reliable and affordable access to necessary medicines for Australians."  Source: 5 January 2020. from

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

Despite no formal qualifications, I could probably write an excellent book on psychology and the family unit, because as I grew into adulthood when there was no internet, I read everything I could get my hands on to be able to understand my family.

It appears on the outside that I was born into a family of narcissists if that's possible. I have good reason to believe their negative traits are due to Freemason organised brainwashing, because I know Freemasons had tried to brainwash me. 

But I also know that when a person wants to brainwash another to do bad things, they will “work” on the negative traits already in their brainwashing “target”. I have no negative traits. That's not being metaphorically up myself, its a fact. I'm always compassionate and accommodating and factually polite. All my one-sided self made enemies will already know that.

When I was a about 16 year old (1972) the Sydney Sun daily newspaper ran a little column that was merely a 1970's artistically styled cartoon and two people. The caption was “Love is...” every day there would be a new thought provoking saying. One of my favourite was “never having to say you're sorry” the unspoken words are that your actions will say it for you.

There's one message that I think best generalises how to successfully co-exist in a family unit where every person has their own individual idiosyncrasies. 

Love means; trying to understand 'how' what you do or say effects those you say you love, before you do or say it. If its nasty keep it in your head.

If you have nasty thoughts about people you know you should impartially examine why you have those thoughts.

Recently I had a text message from one of my mature adult children that read “I don't know if you will understand this but every time I hear this song I think of you” there was a hyperlink to a youtube video by American Rapper “NF” the title is, “How could you leave us” its on his album titled “Therapy Session.” It appears the lyrics are about a grown child's pain about experiencing his drug addicted mother's treatment of him and his siblings. Because everyone needs to externalise those personal feelings to sell for profit. I say grow the fuk up NF.

I've never been a drug addict or an alcoholic. Somewhere along the line someone has put it in his head that I was a drug addict because he saw me taking "paracetamol" for severe back pain. Seriously that's his "stated" reason. He also believes I used to beat him as a child because he found an old jug cord someone left in our open unlocked shed when he was about 20. I've never beaten any of my children either. 

So you can imagine a mother's pain at hearing her adult child say these things to her for the past 20 years knowing there not even a slither of truth in them.

That's why I say my children and siblings have been illegally brainwashed with government authority. Who else had motive to turn my entire family against me so I have no network for my emotional support. 

Luckily I'm an INTJ personality. I can and do survive just fine without any love from anyone. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, it does. I'm saying nothing can or will stop me doing what I have to do in Australian courts of law. I will see you TERROSIST arseholes are safely tucked away in prison where all you belong. 

Who do I know who had a framed certificate on their wall to boast their expertise in hypnosis? That'd be Australian Terrorist Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed an Australian certified medical practitioner who was first registered as a medical doctor in Australia in 1973 and was allegedly medically trained in India in 1968 in the city of Visakhapatnam which is "the largest city of Andhra Pradesh and also 9th richest city in India with a GDP of $43.5 billion."

So why did Australian Terrorist Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED come to Australia? Obvious answer: to be a lowlife parasitic TERRORIST feeding off Australian taxpayer resources. As my 'across the road' neighbour is also 'racially' from India and illegally set up cameras specifically directed down my driveway and at my front door in direct breach of State law, has been stalking me from his State housing residence vantage point for about a decade and had criminally defamed me to State government in their acts of TERRORISM against me, then with all that and the below and much more not said, I suspect my neighbour is in criminal liaison with this AHMED.


LEFT. About the video:  Not 100% certain, but it appears that Janette's neighbour, Paul Shilldarien-Henley, (alias Paul Henley, alias Alexander Paul) is filming Janette on his mobile phone. It appears that he parked his motorbike in that spot to include it in the video. It appears he was waiting outside for Janette to return home so he could film her with his motorcycle in the frame. Its not obvious who he's selling or giving the "stalker's" video to.  Janette says, in the 1960s Bonds white singlets were the unofficial uniform of Freemason paedophiles. On observation, this neighbour has recently switched from publicly wearing black singlets to white ones.


Lying criminal Bill got his MBBS University of Adelaide, South Australia, perhaps someone else did it for him. Lying criminal Bill has a FRANZCR that he doesn't deserve. He was Assistant Professor, Radiology Dept. Chinese University of Hong Kong 1995 to 1997. When lying criminal Bill criminally falsified my MRI report on my head on 5 May 2006  (see insert & website banner top of this page) by lying about the existence of the huge infection between my ear and my brain  (approximately 30mm x 30mm x 20mm) around the illegal digitally pulsing implant (see insert et cetera) lying criminal Bill was Associate Radiologist, Benson Radiology, Adelaide, South Australia 1997 to 2013 (who still refuse to address Bill's crime). Right now and since 2013 lying criminal Bill is a Consultant Radiologist, Sound Radiology, Adelaide, South Australia when in reality he should be (or have been) in prison for lying about and participating in my criminal surgical rape and conspiracy to murder me by criminal medical neglect and acts of terrorism, as a crime against the Commonwealth of Australia. But as lying criminal Bill has many criminal accomplices in Australia's governments he's allowed to potentially participate in a conspiracy to murder you by falsifying your radiology report or the report of your friends or family. 

Lying criminal Bill says, “I like to focus on the “consultant” in consultant radiologist. I interact with a wide range of referrers including hospital staff, specialists, general practitioners and a variety of allied health professionals. I am always available to discuss imaging options with referrers and to review current or previous imaging held here on the Sound image data base. I am also happy to comment on studies from other sites, if a second opinion may be helpful. I routinely telephone referrers to inform them of significant findings and to discuss further imaging options, where appropriate. I often talk with patients, either to reassure them that their findings are benign or to indicate that further imaging or other investigations may be required. Patients do appreciate being told of the radiological findings as soon as possible.”

You're a load of bullshit

William Kingsley Loftus.


If people set up house on the lanes of a major highway we'd be telling them to move because they were creating a potential danger to themselves and others.


Yet when people set up house in bushland knowing that the bush periodically burns as part of the natural regeneration process we say nothing and spend millions to help them when that inevitable bushfire comes through and almost always ends in loss of life.


My own parents and my only brother and sister-in-law are amongst the guilty stupid. Thankfully the stupid gene skipped me.


Australia has literally thousands of acres of land that has no bush or trees on them and could be used for safe housing. Forest Gump's (movie) character says it best, “Stupid is as stupid does.


Where pandemics are nature’s way of culling the weak, bushfires are natures way of culling the stupid and unfortunately the only innocents, domestic animals, farm stock for profit and the wildlife - the innocents, the children and the animals are the only ones we should be helping.


Below: in an era of electronic gadgetry, the property owner who erected this fence killed this Joey (baby kangaroo) not the bush fire. No animal would get tangled in an electronic fence. The body mass of an approaching animal could determine the voltage of an electronic fence. Electronic fences could be switched off during bushfires allowing children and animals to escape the fire. Governments are willing to fund billions to look for potential aliens on another planet but can't make electronic fences mandatory to allow animals to escape inevitable bushfires on their own planet; which is why superior aliens wouldn't let us find them.

1999 $10,000 REWARD


I've lived in Adelaide, in South Australia, since 2004 after being born in Cooma, in New South Wales, in 1956 my family moved to the Campbelltown NSW area in 1962 so I'd lived there over 30 years when I was surgically raped by immigrant TERRORIST Dr Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED whose India trained & Australian registered.

In fact examination of the data would reveal that most people involved in the many criminal attacks on me, (255 page PDF) are immigrants classified as "skilled" and police refuse to even take my statement about them.


In 1999 I was living at 5 Tulip Close Bowral NSW because NSW police REFUSED to assist me evict my ex-defacto OWEN HALL, an electrician in a Burragorang Coal Mines, who'd refused to leave my NSW Torrens Title residence at 39 William Street The Oaks NSW. Local police insisted my Torrens Title was now Owen's despite the records at the NSW Land Titles office in Sydney. After Owen sold my Torrens Title he bought a house with his Campbelltown Legal Centre office manager new-wife in Couridjah area before ROBYN M NOONAN HALL (who met Owen Hall after Owen and I seperated in 1997) has extensively falsely defamed me even in writing in 2009. In April 1999 my fellow Wollondilly Shire Council councillors (Shane Appel, David Auchterlonie, Michael Banasik, Helen Kuiper, Styles Christine Towndrow and Marina Voncina) illegally "sacked" me from my 1995 elected position as a town councillor after years of them "telling" me (as Clr Jenny Hall) they believed I was Leanne Walters, a "Rebels bikie moll" and a "porn star" (which was all news to me) evidently they discovered the truth which is why they concocted their plan to "toss me off council" to conceal their shame for being wrong, they falsifying their evidence. I was "told" one of my fellow WSC councillors broke into a sealed WSC time capsule to remove something they'd put in about me before they illegally "dismissed" me; it was planted when I was WSC Councillor Jenny Hall 1995-1999.   August 1999 I placed a two column notice for $10,000 reward in the classifieds of my local newspaper (Southern Highland News) payable to anyone who could provide evidence that would lead to the criminal conviction of those responsible for raping me and videotaping those crimes. Not wanting to advertise my residential address, I paid for a reply to go to Bowral's "Southern HN" office via their "box service". The advert itself displayed the wrong box reply number. When I contacted them a female told me “REX WALTERS FROM 44 Delaunay Street INGLEBURN” has that box number so I had to contact him for my mail., they game me his phone number. I didn’t know who Rex Walters from Ingleburn was the alleged father of the person police used my 28 year old face to claim was a 14 year old in 1989. No surprises that I didn't get any response from that REWARD notice through Rex John Walters of Ingleburn NSW. Evidently that was the catalyst for police and Owen Hall to Rohypnol me and videotape my rape. (evidently my current Seaford Rise neighbours think it's amusing to date-rape a woman) Wollongong's Illawarra Mercury ran a follow up story on my REWARD story. In 2019 both newspaper offices have no record of either item. Or so they say. Since 1999 I've had more evidence that indicates local POLICE were involved in my rapes or the private distribution of the VCR tapes of my rapes around the Camden Local Area Command and beyond apparently) when I owned and operated DATAMOUSE COMPUTERS my little computer shop in front of the AH&I Building, 195 Argyle Street Camden NSW  I was also known as Jenny Hall mother of five (5) perfect children; Vice President of Camden Chamber of Commerce; foundation member of Macarthur Zonta; family member of Pontiac Car Club of Australia then NSW; and partner of rapist Owen Neil Hall.

As AUSTRALIAN STATE AND FEDERAL POLICE have refused to investigate every crime inflicted on me since that time, then in 2020 the (AUD) $10,000 reward still stands, but when claimed from me "personally" it'll be indexed to value of $10,000 in 1999, in the year claimed. Ideally you will have a copy of the video tapes or the (1990s) Calendar with photo of me semi-naked from waist down, posed with my legs open when paralysed with drugs I forced on me. Naturally if you found your dad's / grandad's old VCRs and converted them to digital that will count too. I’m extending the REWARD scope to any of those involved in any crime against me since Fathers Day 1984, there’s thousands of those, including falsification of my 1999 REWARD advert, so the male person who faked the death of a child got all my mail. I know the videos exist because in 1994 Camden NSW detective Paul Fryer came into my shop to inform me that “someone” was distributing pornographic videos from my shop. I told FRYER to the effect that was absurd, adding that I recalled a phone call at my shop from Matthew Searle (Marsden Campbelltown lawyer’s son) to tell me to tell Owen “his video” was ready. Some days after the FRYER revelation I received an invoice addressed to my shop for creation of a “DATAMOUSE” website page I hadn’t ordered from Ian Wolf (Tony Wolf Narellan printer’s son). Later still a Burragorang coalmine bathroom cleaner “Ron” (not the full sandwich) told me before his workmates assaulted him, “I love your videos Jenny especially the one we made."  I'd not "MADE" any videos. Detective Paul Fryer evidently discovered this crime was linked to his fellow Freemason police before he refused take it any further. By 1999 the NSW police department’s official stance was that NSW POLICE DETECTIVE PAUL FRYER didn’t work in Camden NSW in 1994 - which is bullshit.

Business as usual for Australian sex crime offending FREEMASON police. 

Naturally the REWARD extends to anyone who’s “said” I was willing participant in the rape videos or porn calendar or faking the death of Leanne Walters on Fathers Day 1984 Milperra (Viking Tavern Beaconsfield NSW) - they have to prove their claim is true for it NOT to be deemed criminal defamation. Isn't that right Skippy? As it so happens Rex John Walters and Leanne Walters aka Lorraine Armstrong aka Lorraine Leslie Walters, have either moved to or visit my community in Seaford Rise SA,  some 1,500 klm from Ingleburn NSW. I bumped into them at the refund desk of my local Seaford SA BUNNINGS HARDWARE December 2019. KARMA; Also not the full sandwich is chronic psychopathic liar Rex John Walters doesn't look much different from this 1984  newspsper photo below where Rex was obviously attemptijng to alter his appearance, to look older. 

I should re-title my website: Scumbag DirectoryIsn't that right Skippy? Skippy doesn't always feel like a fool outsmarted by a single mum without a degree from his own patriarchal generation; however this snake-in-the-grass traiter of the Australian people should along with every NSW police commissioner since John Avery in 1984. Campbelltown NSW police commissioner Ken Moroney thinks I didn't see him hiding in the back seat of his marked police car that pulled me over for my sign written car circa 2003 in GOULBURN NSW disclosing his police department's TERRORIST crimes. After one of many Police Cadet march-outts when I lived in Goulburn NSW and my child's school was directly opposite NSW Police Academy. I drove many thousands of miles with that sign-writing when I lived in Goulburn; from Goulburn to Newcastle ; from Goulburn to Melbourne; from Goulburn to Adelaide. I was very "visible"The sign-writing read $13MIL POLICE LIE the other side read government  CORRUPTION also large dark blue letters under clear plastic adhesive that's yellowed in the sun.  Terrorist sympathiser GPO  Ken Moroney allowed his police arrest me in 2004 for freedom of political expression (on the charge of offensive conduct) and unlawfully conspire with Goulburn magistrate to "court order" me to remove the writing from my private car under the magistrate's verbal threat of prison. NO Goulburn lawyer would defend me.

I'm still waiting for my natural right to "seek" compensation for ANY of the matters in this website. Our terrorist government public officers  "political cause" is to ensure I don't get any compensation so they and their unjustly enriched family can be saved from the public embarrassment of their own crimes.

In case anyone is confused about Contract Law; the government's "contract" with its citizens is its (Acts of parliament) legislation (arguably also Common Law Torts) and its lawful policy that doesn’t reduce or void or nullify legislation. Federal law overrules State law, no exception. I'll clarify popular police misconception as quoted to me, The Constitution of Australia ALWAYS applies.