All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix this link seen at the end of above video no longer exists. However, this one does

The mindset of the people in politics and your governments is 100% the reason why I have any problems whatsoever. None of the problems on my website are my doing. None.

Your South Australian state government's political attack on these people at Beverly Uranium mine (above) has nothing to do with Australian law. It's all about money, same government same motive different target - Janette Gail Francis, (previously known as Clr Jenny Hall and Janette Hall.)

Dirty politics is always all about money.

South Australia governments are notorious for not telling the truth. Australian news outlets are notorious for helping the government conceal the truth regardless of the party. Rosenberg possibly mentioned councillors in communist China because many Labor party faithful worship communist China's government and that's why Adelaide Advertiser made that reference. Likewise, these illegal actions of South Australia police have been generally hidden from Australians.

Your Liberal party state government failed to take responsibility for the actions of your state police in 2000, in 2010 your Labor party government is still failing to take responsibility cost you the taxpayer about $100,000.00 in compensation then thousands of dollars on top in in legal fees for both sides because police falsely arrested protestors keen to stop uranium mining, protecting YOUR Australia.

Police had some of these people welded prisoner inside a shipping container. An action YOUR State government fully supported. Your South Australia state government had the audacity to defend the actions of those psychopathic police.

That's both Labor and Liberal party governments over a decade.

Your Adelaide press have buried the truth of this case and my case and other cases - specifically so you the average voter, don't know the truth of the mindset of the people in politics in Australia.

Your government refusing to take responsibility - legally challenged fought criminal and civil cases they reasonably knew they could NOT win, because amongst one of many criminal actions of the police of the day, were the criminals.

Police illegally attached the people as they were leaving (which included children) as seen on this protestor video.

You'll never see a government funded TV miniseries on the heavy handed tactics of criminal Australian police as supported by your Labor and Liberal parties.

  • WHITE & ORS v STATE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA [2010] SASC 95. Judgment of The Honourable Justice Anderson, 9 April 2010.

  • Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog on Beverley Uranium Mine Protest 2000

  • Premiers of South Australia

"The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 is widely believed to have caused the death of at least 4,000 people, with a further untold number of children born with abnormalities. The explosion forced the evacuation of more than 100,000 Ukrainians and Belarussians, laying waste an area measuring 3,000 sq miles (7,769 sq km) that remains uninhabitable to this day. Within weeks of the fire that started at about 01:30 BST on 26 April, 30 years ago, hill farmers across north Wales were also dragged into the developing crisis. In total, 344 Welsh farms were put under restrictions, with animals' radiation levels monitored before (sheep) were allowed to be sold at market."

"20 years on (2006) Britain still feels the effects of Chernobyl. Before Emlyn Roberts, a North Wales sheep farmer, can take any of his lambs to market, he has to call in the government inspectors with their Geiger counters."

"The sheep in Wales are unsuitable for human consumption because of contamination by one particular by-product of the Chernobyl accident called cesium-137. But every atom of cesium-137 from Chernobyl started out as an atom of uranium."

"Here's a look at the top uranium-producing countries of 2015, as per statistics from the World Nuclear Association.

Kazakhstan 23,800 tonnes. - Canada 13,325 tonnes. - Australia 5,672 tonnes. - Niger 4,057 tonnes ..."

How much is a ton of uranium worth? Evidently uranium is worth more than people in Australia.

"The spot price began the year at $34.25 per pound U3O8and ended the year at $20.25 per pound U3O8. In the early part of 2017, the uranium price gained some momentum, trading in the $25.00 per pound U3O8 range, and was last quoted at $25.50 per pound U3O8 March 20, 2017."

"1 US Ton = 2,000 pounds (Imperial). - 1 US Ton = 0.907185 metric Tonne, therefore, in March 2017 uranium was worth over $52,000 per Tonne."

So wonder what clandestine criminal human medical research on Australian cirizens is worth to Australian parliamentarians?

It’s not that Janette herself has problems - it’s just that Australia is NOT a country of legal equality and Janette,

well she's one of few who dare to stand up to corrupt political bullies.


I don't care what political party anyone supports or belongs to, that's their business. I do care if they act criminally as a Government Public Officer. History tells us government corruption is more often than not caused by people who are political party members or supporters.

If a woman claimed she was date raped drugged then showed video proof would a reasonable person respond with,

"Her beliefs are very off from what would be considered mainstream."

True that's what many unreasonable people said in the beginning of the date rape drug pandemic. That statement appears to be a way some people feel comfortable with dismissing anything a political opponent has to say.


THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

Freedom of Speech
means liberty to say
what you ought

Probably Billions of taxpayer dollars has been spent by Australian POLITICAL Parties to conceal the fact their Freemason politicians are linked to decades of child sex assaults and ritualistic murders at Freemason Lodges. 

I was a child witness circa 1967 Allman Street Blue Lodge Campbelltown NSW Where the colour reference is the sex reference.  


The face of the fake Leanne Walters with fake sky behind her head looks more like my own dad (Aub Francis) than me and any of his other real children or even her own claimed dad or mum Rex and Pam Walters. Which along with the blurry outline 100% proves the Australian government intentionally used computer morphing to fake the face of Leanne Walters in 2012 national TV police news broadcast 8:24/9:20


1984 Sydney Australia Newspapers prove Sydney NSW police were criminally involved in this Leanne Walters MURDER FRAUD from day one. 1984 newspapers also prove parliament and political parties have also been continually criminally involved in this murder fraud right up to this day in 2018 which probably also explains why the Fathers Day 1984 Sydney Sun Newspaper microfilm roll was stolen from Mitchell State Library in Sydney Australia by 2002 and not replaced. I had to travel to Canberra National Library for those.

You could hypothesise that the photo of the girl published the day after Fathers Day 1984 was a woman still living, possibly related to police investigating the fake murder. They changed the ear to remove suspicion. But you could hypothesise all day long until police pull their finger out and investigate this MURDER FRAUD involving Sydney New South Wales police superintendent Ronald Stephenson. The bloke who broke into Janette Gail Francis' Adelaide South Australia residential property in February 2018 acting as a State mental health worker attempting to illegal imprison Janette without legal excuse, evidently to protect his 1984 MURDER FRAUD.

Janette Gail Francis
aged 47 in 2003

How many times have you heard the news media run a story on an Australian state parliament who pass a new law to arbitrarily (unconstitutionally) restrict the civil liberty of one specific person ? Yet the same news media and the same governments refuse to address their denial of my legal rights as a victim of crime after I'd reported witnessing multiple child sex crimes linked to Australian political parties by long-term organised child sex crimes at Australian Freemason lodge meetings. 


OPEN YOUR EYES AND USE YOUR VOICE while it's still legal ! 2004 Goulburn NSW, I was arrested, imprisoned, refused bail, refused a lawyer, then criminally penalised, because I'd spoken publicly about serious organised crime in NSW Australia government. All in their own documents, the Goulburn State Criminal court magistrate promised to imprison me if I refused to plead guilty to offending police. In the police statement to court they described my Venus symbol in a document affixed to my private motorcar (like the below symbol for woman) as a stick figure to represent the word "man" and that was the document Goulburn NSW police claimed was me acting offensive in a public place.

  • 2006 to 2018 ex-NSW Freemason Stephenson and Labor and Liberal political party members joined forces in many illegal attempts to have me detailed under the Mental Health Act. However, Australia's worthless news media editors and producers sit sucking their thumbs, so they don't offend their friends in government. If you think that pointing the mental health bony finger at me nullifies everything else think again. I can also prove I’ve been forced to endure a dislocated hand for over a decade with no medical treatment in sight after a parliament sanctioned act of illegal police brutality. Presumably they hope the constant injury will lead to my premature death.
  • 2018 The (State) Chief Medical Officer is the primary source of medical advice to the Department of Health Portfolio Executive, the Chief Executive and the SA State Minister for Health. Both of Irish decent are current Chief Medical Officer & Chief Public Health Officer for SA (State) Health, Professor Paddy Phillips and Professor Brendan Murphy is the Chief Medical Officer for the Australian (Federal) Government and is the principal medical adviser to the Minister and the Department of Health, he’s the Australian Member on the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Governing Committee and represents Australia at the World Health Assembly. Phillips and Murphy are both happy to breach international and Australian human rights laws to support the continuation of my criminal surgical rape since 1990, and denial to me of all reasonable medical services which includes forcing me to suffer with a dislocated shoulder and dislocated hand since 2 May 2007 which to date has been 11 (eleven) years proving beyond any doubt both are also sadistic psychopaths focused on securing their own long-term financial wealth over and above Australian law, and my basic human rights.


To ensure your support despite Australian law, Australian politicians criminally use knowledge gleaned from America's 1960s government politically funded Stanley Milgram obedience experiments evidently to learn how to make their citizens non-responsive just like Adolph Hitler did while he was brutalising the Jews.


In a longer Yale University video of the experiments (below) where they actually say the participants who believed they were torturing with electric shock in the experiments were NOT sadistic when their research irrefutably and conclusively proved the opposite, American government experiments proved over 50% of the general population of men, are sadistic psychopaths capable of even more sadistic effect including unprovoked murder by electric shock when they don't have to face their victim and despite knowing their victim is totally innocent of any crime. Perpetrators were encouraged by knowing they would be exonerated for their criminal actions. Expressed specifically in present Australian law that protects Government Public Officers from personal responsibility for their individual actions on the job. Crown Solicitor refuses to let me sue individuals, even when they act overtly criminally.


The 1960s finding is further confirmed in modern times by the many vicious hate comments you read on Facebook and indicated by the many male Health Minister (State politicians) who've refused to meet with me on any of these matters that breach Australian human rights (criminal) law prohibiting torture and other cruel and inhumane acts, Criminal Code Act 1995, Commonwealth Consolidated Acts  as well as their own State criminal law (legislation.) How much more Hitleristic-sadistic could you get than that?


So, this is a 30+ year criminal defamation of me by families of Freemason police and politicians, extended to every facet of my life.


By 2012 they were denying me the reality of my very existence through underhanded political tactics. Psychotic medical doctors in Adelaide had convinced themselves, on the say-so of these others, that I was psychotic because I only "believed" I’d been an elected politician. These medical doctors were refusing to acknowledge reality because someone in authority told them what to believe.

That's my 100% English-Australian bushranger, traitor dad Aub Francis in the photo card (above) with his fellow Freemason and Labor Party ex prime minister Bob Hawke who was legally in control of Australia's governments when these crimes against me were hatched by Australia's gang of sex-predator Freemasons.


Divide and conquer: I'm Janette Gail Francis. I don't like people with extremist’s opinions. All I believe in is the law, so why am I an enemy of our government? I was born in Cooma NSW on 1 May 1956 amongst a gang of white-trash outlaw Freemasons in Canberra Australia, whose associates have convinced many in my community close to me to betray me on an ever-changing set of outrageous baseless lies, (believed because of their position in authority) so they keep their dirty little Freemason secrets of organised child sex crimes lasting for several decades, probably since Freemasonry rooted itself in Australia.

I often heard "They're police they'd know the truth." My answer, "Sure they might know some truth, but they rarely act in truth." The crimes flow from the head of parliament to the bottom of the chain of command. Proved here beyond any doubt. 

Wake up people you've been conned.

Free (Shareware) computer morphing programs were available in 1990s under Windows v3.11 when I had my computer shop Datamouse you use 2 or more faces to make a totally fake person.


Even in a claimed democracy the world is a harsh and dangerous place for the average person because Government Public Officers don't play by the rules, because 'crime in public office' works better for 'politicians in control of parliament'. Even in Australia.


“People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments

should  be afraid of their people.”  

Alan Moore, V for Vendetta.


Apparently if you’re an Australian Government Public Officer, it requires super intelligence to understand this situation. So I'll leave the detail and stick to the very basics with one constant, in 1980s virtually all police in Australia were Freemasons as was the prime minster.


On the totality of associated evidence the Fathers Day 1984 shootings in the car park at the Viking Tavern in Beaconsfield (near Milperra) was a pre-planned criminal Freemason hit involving full co-operation by Australia's Freemason Prime Minister Bob Hawke and his Labor Party Treasurer Paul Keating. Perhaps the murderous hit we had to have, to protect Australian Freemason political strength in government. 


Despite my total lack of interest in motorcycles and their owners, my parents and my work associates in the office at Visyboard Warwick Farm NSW, all expected me to attend the Milperra Viking Tavern motorcycle swap meet. My intrinsic seer abilities told me something underhanded was looming. I had no intent of going and knew my life depended on avoiding as many people as I could on Fathers Day 1984. That was confirmed when the son of the personnel staff Zeila approached me the next day at work complaining my residential address wasn't up to date in Visy record as no one could locate me on Fathers Day. I said something like WTF Darren.


  • 1984 Fathers Day Bob Hawke was contemplating an election when the motorcycle club shooting happened in Treasurer Paul Keating MPs federal electorate. Freemason police detective Ron Stephenson was in charge of the bullshit that day. Paul Keating won the seat of Blaxland, the electoral division for his home at Bankstown on 25 October 1969, the birth year they gave to my face in my stolen photo. (see below) Fathers Day 1984 shootings were ALWAYS political for Hawke and Keating. No-one should be penalise for something they've NOT done.
  • 1985 early this year my Freemason Dad apologised to me for something involving his criminal gang of Australian Freemasons.
  • 1987 Freemason Stephenson's name was a neg driving charge imposed on me in an accident where I was rammed up the rear by a truck in an obvious attempt on my life.
  • 1988 Freemason Bassett committed suicide bizarrely his NSW police son blamed me.
  • 1989 the Simpson-Harvey Brothers In Arms police book (BIA) was copyright with my face as the ID of the only female outlaw bikie murder victim.
  • 1990 to 1993 friends of Freemason Bassett started surgically raping me.
  • 1994 detective Shiels from BIA attempted to arrest me in public with 2 uniform police pointing their guns at me for faking my own death as stated in BIA.
  • 1996 to 1998 after successfully conning the power and money hungry freaks around me to believe I was a lowlife bikie moll running from police by being publicly elected as a politician on Local Government, friends of detective Shiels participated in my more surgical rape.
  • 2001 I'd started canvassing NSW police commissioner and others to reinvestigate the 1984 Fathers Day shootings.
  • 2004 friends of police detective Shiels begun their series of unprovoked illegal police attacks on me.
  • 2004 I was effectively driven from my NSW birth-lands where I still had some friendly associations, and Court ordered to go to Adelaide, South Australia in the Goulburn NSW Local Court by the Freemason Magistrate. 
  • 2006 I had irrefutable proof I had illegal implantable items inside me, putting me in the centre of a political shit flinging match in which I've come off second best despite Australian law, I've been refused my basic human rights.

I've never done anything to intentionally hurt anyone in my entire life, unless I was acting in self-defence after they attacked me first.


I'll give you some insight into how my premonitions work as they can't be replicated by my stalkers, I know they've tried quite a few times. The first time I kissed my (future) defacto Owen Hall in 1985 I got a premonition. My premonitions come to me like a mental slap in the face. Like the song, short sharp shock. I saw the square shaped face of a stranger, an older man, he was in a still photo. Some 16 years later (2001) I was to learn the stranger's face was that of William George Ross as pictured in the BIA book labelled "First photo of Jock after the massacre..."


I was to learn that Owen had betrayed me, just like every significant person in my life had before so I wasn't shocked, just disappointed. As you can see Owen's face was published BIA book next to mine. Mr Ross was published below my (stolen) photo, so I guess the circumstantial proximity is what lead to the premonition. Owen was never known as any IDs of Snodgrass Spencer whatsoever.


On the other hand, the only time I saw Andrew Garforth when he came into my shop and I got that premonition it was only a few weeks/days before he murdered Ebony Simpson. Camden police were more interested in making crime than preventing it. When I got the premonition about my grandmother's sudden death it wasn't a slap in the face, but it was the last time I saw her alive. I've been getting premonitions all my life. Sometimes they’re seconds in advance other times years. Usually they're about someone's death but not always sometimes they're just interesting information. What my stalkers did get right was that if they kept me in constant pain they reduced my premonitions, for them, me in paralysing pain was high entertainment.


People who bad mouth me have always done it behind my back, never to my face unless they illegally drugged me first. From my experience these people are attacking me to conceal the criminal harm they've actually done to me, like the policeman's daughter at high school who arranged my rape when I was 15. Without fail those people have proven themselves to be the scum of a community. The ones who can only pretend to be nice as they simply don't have that emotional capacity. When I first started realising a part of what was going on in 1990s, I didn't have the internet for research and I didn't have a large social support group either. I'm a naturally a quiet and humble person who really doesn't need the companionship of anyone else, because after I was raped by my dad when I was 2-years-old I fully realised by the time I was 8 that I had no one who truly gave a shit about me. In my childhood I evolved to be emotionally stronger that anyone else I know.


Go to top right side of this page. Look at the body language of the tattooed old bloke criminally trespassing on my property (criminal break and enter - 21 Feb 2018). Before his trespass you can see he was tense and anxiously pacing contemplating on where he could best jump my locked fence. After his criminal trespass he moves faster, he's visibly happier and gloating, the only thing he's not doing is beating his chest in victory. That's the image of a person with a guilty mind. You can tell his crime was not done with authority as his happiness indicates personal commitment to that crime. His body language also tells us his personal commitment is unrelenting, a desperation that increases with fear and time. Other government evidence proves he's been criminally stalking me since 30 June 1987 at least. It shows in his body language that in his mind his quality of life depends on his success in his violent one-sided defamatory vendetta against me that he continues here with these two females. He needs to completely criminally defame me to stop me from being taken seriously by people in authority, which would send the miserable lying mongrel bastard to prison for the rest of his worthless existence along with his gang of sadistic accomplices which include Lorraine and Rex John Walters.