Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

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The day Australian politicians remuneration doesn't exceed the fortnightly amount paid to unemployed people from Centrelink when on Newstart benefit, is the first day of a truly democratic "good government" in Australia in line with ss 51 & 52 of Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia 1901. Wonder what they were paid in 1901 as a percentage of wages in that period.


"Taxpayers would save $350m if the government abolished perks giving retired politicians six-figure pensions for life, new analysis shows. Retired politicians elected prior to 2004 enjoy access to a hugely lucrative pension scheme, which pays well above $100,000 annually for life or a large lump sum. The rules have since changed, but about 482 politicians and spouses remain on the generous scheme, and almost half of the 21 MPs retiring in the current election will also be eligible.,, Politicians raking in $350-mil over the next 11 years in bloated pensions after they retire from the job is why ordinary people think politicians are out of touch and motivated by self-interest." 

Dated 9 May 2019 Guardian online news on Australia's pigs in parliament.

Maths isn't my best subject correct me if I'm wrong, but by my calculation at average of $13,000 per year, $350,000,000 is roughly equal to 27,000 years of unemployment payments to young Australians who can't get a job due to mismanagement of parliamentary laws for peace order and good government. I don't have the heart to tell them I get $15,600 per year because as the news media outlets tell us repeatedly, "POVERTY is a lifestyle CHOICE". They refuse to publish my response to that which is no-one asked me to make that 'choice' for the past 30 something years and the hundreds or thousands of jobs I've applied for during that time the constant rejection year after year causes a normal person to give up trying and that's exactly what Aussie NAZIS want us to do so they can label us "dole bludgers" the 'average' German NAZIS in their democratic society the decade before World War 2 called their deemed bludgers, (all disabled people) “useless feeders” and “unworthy of life” sound familiar? Disabled people were "gassed & incinerated" sort of like your Christmas turky or pig, which was called to my ears as a child, "the Youth in Asia program" I was born 10 years after the Nazi war ended.

In my 63 years of experience as an Australian resident and active member of communities, I believe that a plebiscite or referendum for constitutional change would prove that the Australian public expects that if a judge or other public officer commits a "terrorist act" (which has the same meaning as in section 100.1) or other wilfully blind breach of Australian law during the course of their tenure or employment, then they should be charged with committing a terrorist act or abuse of public office; otherwise Australia is a dictatorship within a democracy just like Nazi Germany was in 1930s and 1940s after Adolph Hitler secured the passing of his Enabling Act in 1933 to allow him to be a dictator within the German coalition government, democracy, (yes it was a democracy just like ours) leading to the murders of millions of innocent people.


Judge for 4 years, Ms Katrina Bochner at Adelaide Supreme civil court committed what amounts to a wilful terrorist act on 30 October 2019 in breach of Commonwealth The Criminal Code when she illegally dismissed my 2019 civil suit against doctor ABJ Cole who criminally refused to acknowledge the MRI radiology medical evidence (above) that I've been criminally medically mutilated to benefit a political interest and Australian doctors have criminally conspired to murder me with intentional medical neglect.


This is how your State and Federal government public officers across Australia have ENABLED their public officers to commit Commonwealth Criminal Code crimes against humanity in 21st century Australia;


  1. by allowing judiciary unfettered right to 'strike out' any part of a statement of claim specifically without lawful excuse, because I'm a "self representing" litigant to render the claim in breach of the rules of the court and therefore deemed an 'abuse of process' thereby forcing me into appeal.  These actions are also 'abuse of process' by the judiciary and unconstitutionally allow State government judicial public officers a legal right to pervert the course of justice and frustrate or stall a civil suit; or to legally commit contempt of court from the bench.   You'll note that the legal industry refer to self representing litigants as "un-represented" They and all court system public officers act as if they "think" our mind is of no value whatsoever in the court system so we're treated like our legal work is of no value by public officer judges who were lawyers and public officer Crown Solicitors, parliamentarians and private lawyers.   Law Council wants independent body for judge complaints 18 December 2019 The Australian
    "The Law Council of Australia has renewed calls for an independent body to handle complaints about federal judges after a controversial judge was found to have displayed an apprehension of bias in a case involving an unrepresented litigant."
    Dennis v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2019] FCAFC 231
    Dennis v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2018] FCCA 1159

  2. by allowing lawyers to refuse civil suits due to 'conflict of interest' because a case is defended by a lawyer who is or was a president of their Law Society.  Cherio to Tindall Gask & Bentley Light Square Adelaide Australia. Don't bother to email their directors they won't respond its obviously beneath them to correspond with the public. Don't make the mistake of thinking a Senator or ex-Senator's law company are going to help you sue a criminal activity in State government. Cherio Nick Xenophon Adelaide Australia wherever you are these days, I tried there more than once the last time for the 2019 COLE case on both the legal firms above.

  3. by automatically allowing a defendant represented by a lawyer to file an application for dismissal of a statement of claim made out by a plaintiff who is representing themselves; which is fundamentally in breach of intent of sections 64 and 78, Judiciary Act; and the Australian Constitution expressions of impartiality the other pillar of natural justice.

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.


  1. by employing or contracting private lawyers despite having a Crown Solicitors office full of lawyers so that private lawyers can refuse private civil suits against the State due to 'conflict of financial interest';

  2. by fostering an effectively criminal culture that allows a surgen to deem without impunity that they can't remove an active and life threatening foreign implant because its not festering on the skin and therefore they can't "see" it.   Cherio to Nazi doctor plastic surgeon Peter Menz @ Oxford Day Surgery Centre on 54 Oxford Terrace Unley Adelaide Australia. Don't bother to ask for a quote he refuses to respond to your emails and can't perform a removal if he can't see in from the outside, Its a bloody good thing he doesn't do appendectomies. I have them in my back and legs causing numbness and pain to walk sit stand brethe and lay down; a sane person can feel the lumps in the muscle and see them strangling blood veins; I can also feel the constant electrical pulses that leave microwave burn scars on my skin above the bulging pain areas.

  3. by fostering an effectively criminal culture that rewards criminal activity in government public office with impunity; I have literally probably hundreds of examples.

  4. by fostering an effectively criminal culture that deems a person has a treatable mental illness if they report belief or evidence of illegal implants, even despite that micro, microwave active wireless implants have been medical industry sponsored for decades;

  5. by fostering an effectively criminal culture that gives absolute impunity for refusal to acknowledge an abnormality or foreign item in a radiology diagnostic image;

  6. by refusing to fund free legal advice for any civil action against the State or the Commonwealth; Tried without success on 4 December 2019 to seek information of @how' to file a Constitutional Writ against the government at State's Legal Services Commission in Gawler Place Adelaide check out the level of funding some 'porkbarrelling' there, all they did was record my "story" to add to their statistics database I'm destined for 90K lot to justify keeping the office open where "Commission Advisor's" legal advice to me was "we don't assist on District, Supreme or High Court matters." That quality advise costs upwards of shared $50 million annually from State and Commonwealth governments to pervert the course of justice; imagine how much they're saving on civil lawsuits annually from disgruntled Australians if they're happy to shell out $50mil to block them.

  7. by refusing to fund free legal advice for any civil action in District, Supreme and High Court. (see above)

  8. by refusing to fund Legal Aid for civil suits against the State or the Commonwealth; (See above)

  9. by refusing to prosecute a criminal abuse of public office because 'not to' it suits a political purpose which is effectively the Criminal Code definition of a terrorist act, see section 100.1

  10. by refusing to specify by reasonable and appropriate example an approved representation of a statement of claim in Tort law and other documents intended for court record. (refer to point 9)

  11. I have more but you might suffer from 'information overload' because you're so 'precious and sensitive' your brain can't handle the truth, according to sources that's the brainwashing aim; and I'm sure there's more you know of, these are merely the ones I've experienced first hand in Adelaide Australia since 2007 and you need time to grab a hanky and a cup of coffee to steady your nerves now I've trigged those bad memories for you. Sorry about that. At least I'm doing more than paying lip service to the crimes in our governments, can't say the same for the Labor party's Kevin what's-his-name "sorry for committing crimes against humanity in indiginious families" secretly meaning "but you know we're still at it because we hate all of you who can't pay us to do something we're not allowed to do" Libs refuse to say "sorry" because they simply can't control their temper once they let the lid off that one they'd be running at the mouth like your arse the morning after that hot and spicy dinner out. Love imparting a virtual image, don't you?