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Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.


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Major Points proving this Criminal Conspiracy involving multiple government public officers from multiple government departments and multiple State governments using multiple Australian certified medical doctors.

17 Nov 2005 – Janette was shot with an unknown and unidentified force of energy inside her residence in southern Adelaide Australia. Potentially a secret government (infrasonic or ultrasonci) weapon due to the unambitious government secrecy around the attack.


See also "How to Block the Ultrasonic Signals You Didn't Know Were Tracking You"


17 Dec 2005User “Shooter” starts a false defamatory thread on Sydney Australia based Whirlpool.net forum, the sole purpose of the discussion was to maliciously defame Janette.

17 Mar 2006Cathy MacDonald from Noarlunga State housing in concert with Greg Robertson from Noarlunga State health started a false defamatory mental health record on Janette because she sought government assistance for a threat to homelessness. This false record is added to over the next decade with equally invalid entries and secreted from Janette until September 2018.

5 May 2006 – Janette has a MRI of her head to try to learn the cause of the multiple vibrations in her head since 17 Nov 2005. The ASHFORD HOSPITAL – BENSON RADIOLOGY falsified report is authored by medical doctor (Bill) William Kingsley Loftus who fails to note the huge infection between her brain and her left ear.

21 Mar 2007 – Janette and her son were illegally criminally assaulted and imprisoned by criminal misuse of Mental Health Act 2009 at Ashford private hospital falsified by medical doctor Shane Goodyear and 6 others noted the false report and the vibrations in her head. Despite the instructions in the Act the State government illegally secreted for 5 years; those false claims made by GOODYEAR which included the alleged threat by Janette that she was going to shoot someone. Police never investigated to see of Janette has a gun and despite being present, they refused to take Janette's statement of the premeditated criminal ambush and assault.

2 May 2007 - Janette and her daughter were illegally criminally assaulted and illegally imprisoned by criminal misuse of criminal law at a public toilet by multiple Christies Beach police headed by Timothy Cooper and Christine Neilson or Nelson (never seen it written down so don't know spelling) Janette was arrested for assaulting COOPER the court found COOPER had unlawfully attacked Janette who lawfully defended herself and was then unlawfully arrested as her 15 year daughter was assaulted by COOPER. The State Adelaide District civil court refused to allow Janette any compensation. Janette has not received any lawful diagnosis or treatment for her government public officer inflicted injuries which is the same modus operandi generally, pertaining to their refusal to diagnose and treat the illegal implants.

28 Jun 2011 –  Janette has a CT scan of her head to try to learn the cause of the multiple vibrations in her head since 17 Nov 2005. The NOARLUNGA HOSPITAL - JONES and PERRETT RADIOLOGY falsified report is authored by Antony Morphett who failed to note the appearance of implant connection cables across Janette's nose and other abnormalities on top of her head. Copy of the report was sent to GP Alison Barbara Jane COLE at GPAXIS in Seaford Meadows who was approached in 2018 to falsify medical records on Janette to falsely diagnose a mental health condition.

11 Jul 2012 –  Janette has another MRI of her head to try to learn the cause of the multiple vibrations in her head since 17 Nov 2005. The CALVERY HOSPITAL - JONES and PERRETT RADIOLOGY falsified report is authored by Claudio Coscia who fails to note the huge non biological (no infection now) foreign item between her brain and her left ear. Copy of this repost was sent to Dr Harris who was unlawfully approached by Noarlunga Health public officers seeking unlawful access to Janette's medical records.

22 Jan 2014 – (State election time) State police public officer Don HODGE and another unlawfully trespassed on Janette's property to illegally criminally assaulted and imprison Janette by criminal misuse of Mental Health Act 2009. This is when the Medicare Australia evidence proved that the conspiracy had pre-existed and included Janette's old family doctor and self professed Muslim, terrorist medical doctor Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED from Campbelltown NSW and Adelaide's public officer psychiatrist Andrew Robert CHAMPION and unknown public officers in NSW health department. CHAMPION and others falsified medical records before or after documenting their unlawful conspiracy in interdepartmental emails in December 2013. Janette was illegally imprisoned and forcibly DRUGGED as a nut case for several months. Departmental records state the reason she was imprisoned using the Mental Health Act was because she had intended to privately sue the State of South Australia. In their minds that made her “antisocial” which is also not a valid reason to sign a detention order. There was never any clinical evidence to substantiate a lawful diagnosis of mental illness, let alone the illness itself. Janette recorded the incident on phone cameras. Despite the illegalities South Australia police (SAPOL) refused to investigate.

21 Feb 2018 – (State election time) State mental health and state housing public officers at Noarlunga criminally trespass on Janette's property with intention of illegally imprisoning Janette again by another criminal abuse of public office because they all knew that had 100% support from criminals in the State police service. This time Janette had installed cameras on her property that recorded them jumping her fence. In the State health records they lied by claiming they lawfully gained entry; still local SAPOL criminally inclined cops refused to investigate.

16 Mar 2018 – State transport threatened Janette with (unlawful) driving licence cancellation of she refused to provide them with the name and contact details of a doctor Janette intended to ask to sign a medical certificate they intended to give to the doctor. Janette gave them the details of Alison Barbara Jane COLE (England trained doctor in Australia on a work visa) COLE authored and signed a false commonwealth declaration claiming she had complied with the procedures on the document, which she hadn't. The falsified the medical certificate by diagnosing Janette with a mental illness with no corroborating medical evidence, none whatsoever. Transport permanently (criminally illegally) cancelled Janette's commercial class driving licence 2 months later after gaining "political" support from the new Liberal State government. Janette has actively held her licence since 1973 without causing any motor vehicle accident whatsoever despite multiple interstate runs over the decades.

30 October 2019 – Judge Katrina Bochner, a Master in the Supreme Court in Adelaide, intentionally falsified her “reasons for judgment” to unlawfully and maliciously strike out and dismiss Janette's private civil lawsuit against COLE and GPAXIS by intentionally misrepresenting the data in Janette's Statement of Claim and  by intentionally misrepresenting the evidence in Janette's affidavits and exhibits. On the evidence the BOCHNER motive for her “bad faith” and “criminally biased” official court order was that the matter had significant implications on the guilt of the State of South Australia in the participation of the unlawful conspiracy with COLE and unidentified persons claiming they were SAPOL and State transport public officers.

Back in 2010 another State transport department document was authored by a senior Labor party "political" publicity officer Jan McConchie falsified a State transport department letter to Janette falsely claiming by inference she was employed by transport department when MCCONCHIE was really employed by the then Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill whose name appears in another falsified mental health documents claiming (as a police officer Weatherill) Janette said or did sonething that never happened. That document insisted by inference that Janette's own NSW Australia birth certificate is not her own birth certificate.

Back in 2002 another State publicity officer (Brothers in Arms author Sandra HARVEY) employed by the then NSW police Minister had written a paperback that included a photo of Janette aged 28 as the face of a murder victim aged 14.


There is more evidence but this is about all that's needed to establish this extensive terrorist campaign targeted at Janette without any doubt whatsoever, where the “political cause” is to keep their “dirty little secret” from the voting community at large by “officially” falsely defaming Janette as a nutter with full bipartisan political support in multiple parliaments.


Proving you don't need to be Muslim to be a terrorist becasue terrorism is also POLITICS based not just religion - all the above proved that and proves very active "Australian terrorism” that's been "politically" ignored by ex prime minister Tony Abbott when he was PM along with every other Labor party and Liberal party prime minister whose had the job of PM at "all the material times".




1st May 1956: Janette (youngest of 4 children) was born at Cooma public hospital her male parent worked for NSW State railways as a fettler and her mother worked for both NSW State rail and the Commonwealth Post Master General (PMG) now known as the Attorney General. Gladys was the post mistress and telephone exchange operator and she closed and opened the road gate next to Bunyan Post Office located in the front of the house where the family lived just north of Cooma. Yes the house was owned by the government. Not sure which one though. Janette’s birth family had lived here in Bunyan since about 1952 after her brother was born, it’s still standing. The house was about 100 years old then, the internal walls were still only hessian lined when they moved in. They moved to Cooma from Sydney where the couple married so Janette’s Sydney NSW born male parent could work on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric scheme as an ancillary builder. Janette’s male parent registered her birth, she was named JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS. Janette mother had been born in Halifax QLD near where her mother had been born to English immigrant Oliver George Hussey and Australian born Jane Gauvin whose paternal grandfather came to Australia from France as a shipmate; his name is Louis Marie Francois Gauvin. A number of his artistic carvings are currently in Queensland museums he married another immigrant, Harriett Sartin. Some of these details are in open public record at New South Wales and Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages; and elsewhere in public records.

Janette "really" doesn’t care about who her male parent’s paternal family are; as if her great grandfather had left his male parent Sydney cop and changed his last name from Coffey to Francis, it would be because he was also a Freemason pederast and paedophile and a very violent alcoholic exactly like Janette’s male parent who thought it was amusing to make Janette vomit as a child by spiking her soft drink with beer. Janette can't drink beer, she's allergic, it makes her instantly vomit. Not that she would drink something that smells like camel piss.

1962: Janette’s birth family moved to Campbelltown NSW after the Commonwealth of Australia granted her male parent an Australian “war service” home loan due to his years in the Australian Air Force during World War II. A few years later he started work for State housing as housing maintenance personnel in the greater south Sydney region.

1962-1968: Janette was educated at Campbelltown NSW East State primary school.

1967: Janette witnessed murder and rape of two boys her own age. The crime happened inside the Freemason Temple on Allman Street Campbelltown during a lodge meeting attended by her male parent as he mother was one of many wives “rostered” and forced to cook a heavy meal for the entire lodge meeting after every ritualistic rape and torture meeting, which was “common knowledge” in the Freemason community that included local cop James Imber also known as Jimmy. He also belonged to the Allman Street lodge. IMBER lived with his family in Brisbane Road opposite another Freemason, Alex Spencer the male parent of Janette’s school friend Debbie.

1969-1972: Janette was educated at Campbelltown NSW State high school, she was an excellent student.

November 1972: Janette started her first full-time job, she was employed by the Commonwealth of Australia at the Department of Social Security in Clarence Street Sydney NSW. Not liking the slow unintelligent pace of the mailroom, she sought another job with the State of New South Wales and started with the Government Insurance Office of NSW at the old Sun newspaper building in Elizabeth Street Sydney, near St James railway station. When it was privatised in 1990s it was simply known as the GIO. Janette’s high school principal reference was typed with her first name as “Janelle” because the typist misread her handwritten “T” as “l”. Janette was not known to the principal who didn’t see the error before he signed it, or it was a Freemason ploy.

August 1973: Janette passed her driving test after 3 half hour lessons she was granted her “P” provisional (red text) typed licence and her full licence (black text) the following year and actively held without incident.

1975: Janette married in Geelong VIC a handsome 21 year old hay carter named William Robert Peters. He had been born in Whyalla SA (1953-2008) also to Australian born parents.

1976: Because her alcoholic husband was unable to keep a job, two months after giving birth to her second son Janette started working for Fielders Bakery in Fawcett Street Glenfield NSW as a bread van home delivery person taking over the Elderslie-Camden run from Allan Connolly.

September 1978: Janette's husband was imprisoned by a Freemason magistrate who let her husband's accomplice off for alcohol related minor crime. Janette third son was 5 months old. Penniless and destitute department of housing refused to allocate Janette a State rental unless she divorced her husband. Janette started an afternoon shift job at Atlas Plastics in Minto NSW to feed and house her 3 children under 5 years. There was no child minding service. Janette had to pay a teenager look after the 3 boys as they slept when Janette was at work; but that lowlife scum daughter of a cop babysitter Jennifer Bradford from Leumeah NSW stole clothes from Janette when she was sitting Janette's children in a private rental at 19 Lincoln Street Minto. Not able to even afford food for herself as well as her children, Janette's weight dropped to well below a dangerous 7 stone.

1981: Janette left her non-violent alcoholic husband after he suddenly became violent for no apparent reason, taking her 3 sons with her. She started work at Visyboard in Warwick Farm NSW near Liverpool State hospital and moved to 282 St Johns Road Bradbury in Campbelltown NSW. She was in the phone book as JC Peters because the person recording her name misread her “G” handwriting as a “C”.

1985: Janette met Owen Hall who was the son of the "other" Campbelltown Masonic lodge, Freemason. Rumour has it "they" didn’t practice ritualistic torture and rape but they remained silent in solidarity with the ones who did. Incest was common in 1960s due to the fact the law said wives and children were the property, “chattels” of the husband and male parent. That law was abolished in 1984. If the couple separated the children stayed with the male and the wife was penniless and homeless. Which is why divorce and separation was rare due to the ownership status of Australian women. Separation usually meant they were murdered or badly beaten as NSW police turned a blind eye which was what Janette saw often.

24 April 1988: Janette’s male parent’s Cooma cop Freemason best friend apparently shot himself after years of guilt for letting Janette’s male parent evade criminal penalty for years of raping children, when Jack Bassett learnt that Janette’s male parent had raped all Janette’s 4 children as babies and little children, along with all of Janette’s male parent’s other offspring. It’s the ownership thing, Aubrey Bernard Francis evidently believed it was his legal right to rape all his descendants whenever he pleased because he was a Freemason. There was never an illness or any remorse. He was trying to accuse Janette of being a bad mother as his “excuse” to kidnap Janette’s 14-year-old child in November 1988 leaving the other three with Janette. NSW Freemason police refused to retrieve Janette’s oldest child, NSW Attorney-General and Court ordered that Janette “mediate” with the child’s pederast kidnapper. Commonwealth of Australia department of Social Security paid regular “Child Endowment” (Family payment) to the kidnapper of Janette’s oldest child. The two governments illegally “gave away” or “transferred ownership” of Janette’s child to a known child rapist in the 200th year anniversary year of the establishment (takeover) of Australia as an English colony. They call that progress.

1989: NSW police authored a book to describe the first ever mass shootings of motorcycle club members, that happened in 1984 Sydney. The Freemason government used a photo stolen from Janette’s residence showing Janette when aged 28, as the (only visual ID) face of the only alleged 14-year-old female murder victim. If there was a girl she was probably murdered by her Freemason police male parent to silence her after he raped her. Not wanting to forgo legal ownership in the year of the new legislation, 1984.

1989: After being sacked from Barry Stein Nissan Suzuki when Barry was approached by a stranger and unable to get work anywhere due to an obvious false rumour or rumours Janette had taught herself how to build and repair the old DOS IBM platform 8086 and 8088 personal computers commonly known as XT compatibles. She opened her Camden NSW retail computer shop in November. Barry went bankrupt and his second wife secured employment at the Camden State transport department of motor registry.

About 1990: Janette’s driving licence was cancelled after he partner (Owen Hall 1964-2010) secretly refused to pay a parking fine he incurred in a vehicle registered to Janette’s name, a mid blue Nissan Urvan Janette bought from her closest age sister, Sharon.

1990-2002: Janette was criminally surgically raped and implanted with a multiplicity of microwave active sparking "experimental" inhumane devices that track and "physically torture" Janette via the mobile telephone network and her own breathing or muscle movements; and a multiplicity of greedy psychopaths.

1991: Janette’s NSW government guaranteed Torrens Title residential real estate was stolen in a criminal conspiracy involving NSW police who refused to evict Owen Hall when he refused to leave Janette’s property; local lawyers and government legal advice service who refused to tell Janette how she could access her rights under law; and the local Macarthur Credit Union (Macarthur Mutual Credit Union) whose general manager Graham Holby gave an illegal 1st mortgage to Owen Hall knowing 100% that Owen’s name was not on the Torrens Title and that Janette was the Torrens Title holder; and the federal government (Insolvency and Trustee Services of Australia)who accepted Janette’s bankruptcy application in 1999 knowing it was not a valid bankruptcy and that Owen Hall was in illegal occupation of Janette’s residence, then they sold the Torrens Title to Owen for about 20% of its value and he got his loan abolished in Janette’s 1999 bankruptcy which was intended to break the stalemate and bring the crime to the attention of proper authorities after Commonwealth Family Court Judge Lloyd Dengate Stacey WADDY unlawfully refused to allow Janette "property settlement" in the case Owen brought to the court for unsupervised "access" his children he never wanted. Owen dropped his Family Court matters when he realised Janette knew his involvement in her photo in Brothers In Arms that was "stolen" from the residence she shared with Owen and he was also in the same book as two different people along with (3) three of Owen and Janette's residential neighbours in The Oaks one being defective Sydney NSW State police detective BOB BRADBURY; on State electoral roll then as police officer Peter (Rabbit) Robert BRADBURY when occupations were also on the public roll; and two of those were supoposed to have been murdered in the 1984 Fathers Day shooting at the Viking Tavern in Milperra not surprisingly they didn't look like their photos in death as published on the internet circa 2001. This means the bulk of what's in THIS book is "officially" bullshit.

The State of NSW refused to allow Janette compensation for her Torrens Title stolen using State police etc. which was done 2 days before Janette gave birth in 1991 and after she’s been subjected to extensive illegal surgeries during the pregnancy on her spine, her left hip, her left foot, her chest and her left ear. Women have what's termed "baby brain" in the last trimester of pregnancy, their hormones make them a little befuddled. Janette loves all her children equally, but she was “made” pregnant intentionally by Owen who said many times (NOT in anger) he didn’t want children. Janette was on the pill and had not intended to be pregnant. Janette discovered her children had also been subjected to illegal surgeries on their ear. Not surprisingly Janette’s “skilled immigrant” medical doctors refused to investigate the abnormal puncture wounds and mystery surgical stitches on Janette and her children. Evidently, they had a reciprocal agreement with the federal government of work visa residency or citizenship in exchange for (criminal) silence. evidence strongly suggests that’s why federal parliament want “skilled immigrants” in the medical industry to increase AUSTRALIAN medical research by significantly illegal means targeting people they want silenced.

1994: Three NSW police (2 uniformed with drawn pistols) threatened to arrest Janette for being Leanne Walters a person allegedly 14-years-old when murdered in 1984 and 14 years younger than Janette. Are you seeing any pattern here?

1995-1999: Janette had been elected as the north ward representative for residents in the Wollondilly Shire Council area. This were active years of police secretly “informing” all around Janette that she was really “Leanne Walters” not explaining why they couldn’t DNA test Janette to disprove the false outrageous secret government accusation. Janette was physically attacked because strangers through she was involved with the Milperra Massacre and had faked her own death to ensure there was general outrage at all motorcycle club members for murdering an "innocent child". Clearly Freemason police and parliaments expected Janette to be murdered by outraged motorcycle club members.

2003: Janette proved to the NSW (Liberal party controlled) police commissioner that (prime minister Bob Hawke and Labor party controlled) 1984 police had falsified evidence (MEANS) at the Milperra murder scene, within the federal electorate of Australia's Treasurer Paul KEATING shortly before the federal election was to be called in 1984 (MOTIVE); but police and NSW ICAC both refused to investigate, as did the Federal police and prime minister John Howard. Janette informed her Goulburn Housing landlord she was leaving NSW for Adelaide in several months’ time but would keep them informed.

2004: Goulburn NSW public officers attempted breaking into Janette’s back door at 53 Gibson Street Goulburn NSW but failed; then they drilled out her front door locks to gain illegal entry, claiming Janette had “abandoned” her residence. Then left to house open. The did this as Janette was driving on her way back from Adelaide. The rent was paid in advance State housing in Goulburn knew she was in Adelaide looking for a residence.

When Janette came back to Goulburn, Goulburn NSW defective police detective Burnard Ryan threatened Janette with arrest if she continued to insist the photo of her in the (1989) Brothers In Arms (Freemason bullshit) book was her own face, despite that police detective Paul Shields (mentioned in the BIA book) admitted the photo was Janette in the presence of two uniformed Campbelltown NSW police and a host of identifiable others including his little DNA brother Martin Shields, Janette was illegally arrested multiple times in Goulburn NSW on charges of "freedom of speach" and "reporting crime to police" things that are not a crime in Australia but were written up as "creating an offence in a public place" and spoken in court as "offending police".

They were 100% political arrests that had a 100% political “cause” to protect Freemason government public officers and other politicians, like Paul KEATING. These actions are a crime against the Commonwealth also known as “acts of terrorism”. Janette left after all the (false) police prosecutions had ended. Janette arrived in Adelaide in late September

2005: Janette moved into 6 Wilson Street Christies Beach in southern Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA; also known on State motor vehicle plates as the (national department of) "DEFENCE" State.

The only child “taken off Janette by the government” was the 14-year-old (illegally) “trafficked” to her St Peters Sydney NSW born Australian Freemason (known child rapist) male parent Aubrey Bernard Francis (1923-2017) “trafficked” by "other" Freemason government public officers.

Where the 1975 Family Law Act gave rights to women in a marriage for the first time; women still had to rely on their male parent or husband to give them written “permission” to withdraw any amount of money from any bank account in the woman’s own name. That law was abolished in 1984 still women like Janette had to argue with some credit union or bank managers to be allowed access to that law after 1984. Australia really does suck for non-Freemason abiding women, always has, always will until the government admit to what was and still is common practice to silence decent people who are the “political cause” enemies of the majority evil-Australian-government public officers. This time an EMPTY APOLOGY just won't do.

There's lots more but this will do. One way or another it’s all in government record; I made sure of that. All I ever wanted was a dull and boring life as a wife a mother and grandmother on a small country farm somewhere peaceful. You bastards will "legally and morally" pay for what you've done; that's a promise not a threat. This website is part of that promise.

100% true facts written by Janette Gail Francis, 9 March 2020.